There’s nothing spiritual about being-who-you-really-are

The other night I was doing a letting-go session with my release-buddy in The Netherlands. We spoke about goals. She seemed to understand me well and said: “Yeah, you want to develop your spirituality!”. That is where I understood that there is something wrong with that word.

I do not need to develop my spirituality at all, nor should anybody else.

We are complete, whole and perfect exactly the way we are now. Both nothing and everything is spiritual about that.  But we tend to seek for spirituality outside of ourselves, overlooking what is already there.

Spirituality, what is it, really?

According to the concise Macquarie dictionary “spiritual” means this: “1. of or relating to spirit or incorporeal being. 2. of or relating to the spirit or soul as distinguished from the physical nature. 3. standing in a relationship of the spirit; non-material: a spiritual attitude, a spiritual father4. characterised by or suggesting predominance of the spirit; ethereal or delicately refined. 5. of or relating to the spirit as the seat of the moral or religious nature. 6. of or relating to sacred things; relating or belonging to the church; ecclesiastical; religious; devotional; sacred. 7. of or relating to the conscious thoughts and emotions. […]

Many of us think something like this: Spirit is outside of us, something far away up in the cosmos or somewhere in the universe. We sit and meditate and try to draw some spirituality to us. We want to be enlightened. We want to have it now. We must work in order to gain it. Once we worked hard enough, or sat still long enough, we can feel proud and say: ‘Now I am on my way to Mastership’, or feel frustrated and say: ‘Still nothing enlightening has happened, I must be doing something wrong’.

The dictionary as well as many of us, thinks of spirituality as something external, except for its last description, 7: of or relating to the conscious thoughts and emotions. Other than description 7, “spiritual” is to be found outside. I think that is very untrue. I think we Are spiritual, already.

How about if we were (part of) spirit ourselves, if we already had everything that we are looking for and longing for, inside of us, and need do nothing to become enlightened? How about the only thing you would need to do is to let go of every belief that tells you otherwise? How about the possibility to just Live and Be in an enlightened way, which is just being your very best in every given moment?

I do not need to become more spiritual; I am good. I do not need to be different than that which I am right now; I do not need to change anything: I am good exactly the way I am. I am already spiritual, even without mentioning it. I could not NOT be. I was born like that.

It is just a matter of recognising the resistance to what you already are, and all the feelings underneath it, like fear and pride and lust and anger etc. And by letting all of those go, you can experience how you already are what you were looking for.

Looking outside yourself to find what is already inside you, obviously will not work. We would all be standing there, watching you while you were searching, as for a hidden Easter egg: “Cold… Cold…. Even colder! Yes, yes, a little warmer now….. Ah! No, nonono, cold again…”

The word spirituality has grown into something so far away, or so different to what I think it really means that I choose not to use it on my website. Well, until today that is.  Anyway, I will not use it often because I do not think that we define it well.

To your own, true “spirituality”!

Miriam Aziz

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