Think negative thoughts :)

On Twitter we see many advisory tweets about Thinking Positive Thoughts. “Think positive thoughts”, it then says in various ways and sentences.

This is really important and a good advice too. However, by just telling yourself to think only positive thoughts, you might be suppressing all the negative thoughts that you have too, turning those into a timebomb instead of inner peace.

It is important to set your negative thoughts free. You can’t do that by just covering them up with positive thoughts. You can do that by first allowing them into your awareness. You must first make peace with these negative thoughts, by welcoming them, by no longer resisting them.

We tend to judge negative thoughts as bad. “Negativity is bad.” Or: “Positivity is good”. Well, they both are just another face of the same middle: the Is-ness. But we prefer to have positive thoughts because they make us feel better. So we want to think positive thoughts, and right we are.

So it is necessary to let go of our negative thoughts before we think positive thoughts, and we can best do that by really welcoming whatever negative thought we have. Really allow yourself to think that negative thought to the fullest. And then ask yourself if you want to hang on to it a little while longer, or whether you feel you’re ready to let go of it. In the latter, just let it go. You will now have so much more space for thinking positive thoughts!

This is already a whole lot better than before, when you were suppressing your negative thoughts with laying positive thoughts over them, covering them up, making them laying there waiting for the right unguarded moment to break free.

But while you’re thinking your positive thoughts now, you are still always judging and thinking in terms of polarity. Real freedom lies in raising above the judgemental status to the non-judgemental status of just enjoying and being (in) the Is-ness. You know there’s left and right, black and white, positive and negative, but it doesn’t influence you. You are aware of -, yet unaffected by it all.

So rather than thinking either positive or negative thoughts,  just be.  Enjoy each moment to the fullest, residing in the middle of everything, in the is-ness, and rest as the peace, the love and the knowingness that you are.

To your joy!

Miriam Aziz

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