What does your heart say?

We tend to listen to our thoughts and to our feelings much more than to our hearts. It is in the heart however where our great potential resides.

Lately scientists have discovered that the heart communicates more with the brain than vice versa. This means that the heart is a main key to how we perform and live and feel. Listening to our heart has become more important than ever. And it also has become more difficult than ever.

How can we uncover the true qualities of our hearts? We can do this by first welcoming what we think and feel. But then instead of automatically responding to our thoughts and feelings, we allow ourselves to let them go. This is easy once you understand that you are not your thoughts and feelings but instead you are just having them. Once you understand how to stop identifying with what you think and what you feel, you can easily let go of all these distracters and focus on something else.

In this case you focus on your heart. Bring your attention to your heart field. If your heart is very busy and restless, bring calmness to your heart by breathing in and out for five minutes in a pace of five seconds to breathe in and five seconds to breathe out. While doing this breathing exercise you think of loved ones and you send them love from your heart. When you do this for five minutes, you will notice a shift in how you feel and what you think. The heart is sending signals to your brain, telling it that everything is all right. It will do so, because you are using it for its most powerful reason: to love.

What you just did is diving under the seemingly urgent matters of your thoughts and feelings, acknowledging what is more important: love.

We seem to have started to seriously believe in the power of mental control. We seem to live in a manmade world. It seems that we can make or break our success by thoughts and feelings about these thoughts; we think we can control and must control our reality from the power of thought. This is an illusion. Our true power resides deeper: there where you have just been focusing on for five minutes: the heart.

In our hearts only three elements rule: wisdom, love and power. All layers we put over this core of ours in the form of thoughts and feelings are merely just distracters from that knowing core. The heart is where our answers can be found. The heart is where our true control is coming from. The heart is where the mystery of love resides, which gives us meaning of life.

All our thinking and all our feeling will not help us as long as we ignore what is underneath: our heart’s great qualities! So to sit still for five minutes a day, breathing in and out quietly, allowing the heart to “speak” and send love to the ones you love will empower you tremendously. It will allow you to live your life in FLOW, to be present and to act with confidence. You will live from your core instead of from one of the peripheries and this will make you stable, strong, loving and beloved.

Miriam Aziz

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