Power charger amidst everyday noise: silence

I guess we all more or less know how important silence is in our lives, and we also know that it is not so easy to make time for silence, busy as we are doing all the things we need to do, things that happen to make sounds, if not in the outer world – audible, then at least in the inner world – as thoughts.



How can we enjoy a bit of silence when we are filled with and surrounded by sounds, and simply cannot permit ourselves the time to go to places where there is absolute silence? That could take half a day, getting somewhere silent. We don’t have time for that.

But hey! Listen…

Can you hear the silence that surrounds all sounds?

Can you hear how all sounds appear in and on a huge field of silence?

It’s like with a painting: the paint needs a canvas to be painted on. If there were no canvas underneath the colours, there would be nothing to carry the colours. If it weren’t for silence, you couldn’t hear any sound. It’s the silence that carries the sounds. When we look at a painting we look at the colours and not at the canvas. It’s the same with silence: we tend to hear only the sounds, not noticing the silence that’s underneath.

Silence is always there. Silence is underneath and in and around all sounds.

You don’t need to take time to go to quiet places to enjoy silence – if you only just shift your attention from sounds to silence you will notice that it is already there!

Just shift your attention.

Like a volume button you could turn up the silence by simply becoming more aware of the silence that surrounds all the sounds. Take your focus away from the noise for a moment, and look for what is around it. It may be hard at first because there seems to be nothing there. But it is in that seemingly nothingness where you will find what you’re looking for. Don’t overlook it. You find it when you want to.

You may want to give it a try by closing your eyes for a moment and shifting your focus from what you hear in the foreground to what there is to be heard in the background and underneath and around what you hear in the foreground. There! Did you hear that? Did you hear that openness, that nothingness? Did you hear that space where the sounds are coming from? Did you hear that silence?

Now that you have become more aware of it, you will be able to hear it much more often. You only just simply have to tune into it. Be aware of it. And there it is. It is always there.

So if you need a short break, allow yourself the joy of nothingness for a short moment and think of this. It is easy to do. Nobody notices that you take a short break. It can be a moment for you alone, in just seconds.

Silence is very important to charge yourself. In the nothingness of silence there’s great inspiration to be found. You can relax in this space, unwind tension and find new energy for upcoming tasks and challenges. Silence can nourish you. Without it; without the nothingness in the silence you would not be able to keep up with the “everythingness”. Silence brings balance to too much noise. Learning how to tap into silence consciously is a powerful tool which allows you to recharge each moment that you need extra energy. The mind can take a nap, so to speak, and rest in the silence, where after it can perform better.

To be able to take a “short holiday” like this in the middle of the busiest workday is your key to good performance under pressure, and a guarantee for a better life. It saves time and money, charges you instantly and it is healthier than a Mars bar or a siggy!

Miriam Aziz


2 Comments on “Power charger amidst everyday noise: silence

  1. Thank you for your comment Bianca, I feel very happy that this exercise is helping you! Miriam


  2. Wow…I am so grateful that you have posted this article!!! I have implemented it for the first time today and experienced more silence already. It also made my inner body be more at ease and less ‘pressured’. This will be my new everyday exercise in the hope I will achieve total silence…THANK YOU!


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