Magical Thinking Needs Practical Action

Have you ever been to an Energy Healer or to an Aura Reader? What did they tell you? Did they tell you why you are how you are? Was that helpful? Or did it give you yet another story?

I have nothing against Healers and Readers; in fact I visited someone who gave me a channeled reading not very long ago. You can get quite a lot out of it. But what I’ve noticed is that no one I heard of that visited a Healer or a Reader, including myself, came out of the session knowing what to do next and how!

As a life coach I don’t give advice*. It’s just not that helpful. Helping you to find your own advice is usually much more helpful, and helping you to get into action to create what it is you really want, is ultimately what a life coach does; standing on the sideline, helping you explore what you really want in life and giving you tools to make it happen.

Healers and Readers can be inspiring, surprising and encouraging. But after a little while you usually find yourself repeating the same patterns as you did before, because you haven’t learned any tools to change or break the old patterns. A Reader could say: “You are a very gifted person that has a very special task on this planet; you came here to heal other people and you received all the talents to do so.” You might feel honoured and recognised by what the Reader said and they might give you a really good feeling. But then you go home and on the way home you already begin to forget what it was all about (unless you got a recording of the session and then you’ll listen to the session again and again and you might feel encouraged by it for a while). In the end you want to go again because you need a little boost again. And again and again. And in the end nothing’s changing.

I don’t tell you about you. I don’t read you and I don’t heal you. I help and facilitate for you to do so yourself. Once you learn how to “read” and “heal” yourself, you won’t need me anymore. You will be independent, free, strong, self confident, empowered, with new insights, answers and possibilities. What you’ve found out yourself is of much greater value than what anybody else is telling you. Self learning is the best. So I help you to self-learn. The results are unique and sustainable. You are responsible. Feeling responsible and taking responsibility through action empowers. Going to a Healer or Reader in the end usually empowers dependency. Here, I’ve said it.

The Healer and Reader often don’t empower you because they don’t ask questions. They usually don’t check in with you whether what they say is accurate. And could you know whether it’s accurate when it’s about a past life or about a sign in your aura that you don’t have a clue about? They could tell you anything. And pleasers among us will say yes and amen and thank you and oh you’ve helped me so much, because we want to feel good.

Feeling good really, sustainably, stems from feeling strong and being able to create what you want to create. Happiness comes from having taken responsibility and having taken the actions you wanted to take in order to make the things happen that you wanted to happen, and from the nice surprises that came your way while doing so (the synchronicities; I will write about those another time). Sustainable happiness never comes from someone else telling you who you are or telling you what to do.

In short we could say that Healers and Readers feed Magical Thinking, where Life Coaching helps to transform Magical Thinking into Real Life. We need “magic” to inspire us. But we need “tools” to give practical “hands and feet” to the inspiration. This is where Heaven and Earth come together: by putting into action the inspiration we receive!

So visiting an Energy Healer or an Aura Reader is fine, as long as you have a plan for what to do with the information afterwards and how. If you don’t have a plan, contact me and we’ll work it out. We’ll check to see whether what they said is congruent with what you want, and we’ll take it from there.

*The only advice that I do give is this:
Never take anybody’s word for the truth. Always check inside yourself whether it is YOUR truth too. Always allow help from outside, but check whether it’s the right help for you inside yourself. If it doesn’t feel good, kindly say No, and move on. When you’re courageous enough to say No and move on, you’ll often find what you can say Yes to really soon.

To your independency and strength!

Miriam Aziz

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