Let Your Heart Help You to Surrender to Flow ~ a three step relaxation exercise

I previously wrote about time and about how we can live in flow more when we surrender to the mystery of it, as opposed to pushing and pulling and trying to force things to happen in a controlled time frame.

Surrendering isn’t easy for people who believe in a manmade world. Those who rule and are being ruled by their diaries will find difficulty in even imagining surrendering. “Surrender to what?” you may impatiently exclaim.

To the mystery of time. To nature. “And why, for god’s sake?” you may question even more impatiently. Because when we stop pushing and pulling; when we allow for people and things to have their own pace; when we respect nature, we can be in flow with it: we can feel one with everything and everyone surrounding us. Feeling oneness, or being in flow, allows for success, wellbeing, health and wealth far more easily than when we’re acting as if we’re separated by pushing and pulling.

When pushing and pulling you experience that you want everything now. When in flow you experience that you are having everything now. Would you rather want or have what you’re after?

The best help for you to learn how to surrender to time from time to time is at your core: your heart. Your heart beats love, and love can help unwind, trust, relax, enjoy, believe, connect and surrender.

Could I tempt you to give it a try? Only for a little while. As an experiment. You can get back to being very busy immediately after. It would take five minutes of your time and you would feel rewarded with a sensation of oneness in timelessness.

Here we go:

Step 1: Shift your focus from the outside world to yourself by becoming more aware of your body

Allow yourself to sit comfortably. Place your feet beside each other. If you wear high heels, allow yourself to take them off for a couple of minutes. If your shoes feel tight, loosen the laces or take them off.
Now take a gentle breath. Feel the chair you sit in. Feel the floor beneath your feet. Feel whatever your hands touch.
Now lower your shoulders. You might want to push them upwards first and then push them as low as you can. Then relax your shoulders. Let them find their own comfortable position. Let go of the tension that you might feel in your neck and shoulders by taking a gentle breath again. Breathe in, deep; breathe out, far.
Move your head a little bit. Let it be buoyant on your now relaxed shoulders like a buoy on a quiet ocean.
Be aware of your body becoming heavier, “sinking” into the chair. Allow your feet to “sink” into the floor.
Check your body to see if there is any tension anywhere, and if so, let it go as best you can, by relaxing into it and allowing yourself to become heavier, “slower” and “thicker”.

Step 2: Shift your focus from your body to your heart by thinking love

Now focus inwardly. Bring your awareness to the area of your heart, your chest.
Focus on these three words: “Just Think Love”.
Repeat these words inside yourself: Just Think Love.
And do it, too: Just Think Love.

Do this for a while before you move on. Keep your focus in the area of your heart, repeating these three words: Just Think Love.

Step 3: Connect your heart to the world by expanding your love

Now begin to expand your love by thinking of someone or something that you love very much. This person, animal or thing may be nearby; he, she or it may be far from you. Distance doesn’t matter. Nor does time. Just allow yourself to expand your love to this someone or something.

Now let your love expand to more people, animals, places or things. Just let it happen. Let it expand further and further.

See if you can expand love even more. Can you expand to other cities? Countries? The whole world? Simply allow it to expand as best you can.

Continue expanding love for as long as you feel like, repeating “Just Think Love” often.

When you feel like ending the exercise, gradually bring your awareness back to your body, the chair on or in which you sit and the room you’re in. Know that what you’ve just experienced is still always there for you to tap back into.

Check to see how you feel. What can you notice? Any significant changes?

If you feel like, please share your experience with me by leaving a comment below or by sending me an email.

If you would like more information about this, or assistance with this exercise or answers to any questions you may have, please feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to get in touch with you.

To flow!

Miriam Aziz


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