How To Be Happy Now by Happily Being in the Now

Lester Levenson (“The Sedona Method”) and Eckhart Tolle (“The Power of Now”) are examples of many old and new masters who promote the Now as the place where no problems exist. How is that?

In the Now there is no yesterday and no tomorrow, there is no past and no future unless you fill it up with feelings and thoughts about the past and future.

If you do not fill up the Now, and if you really are in the Now, you find that everything is okay, that there is nothing lacking and nothing is wrong. If you really can be in the Now you will find that you are connected to a so-called Field of Being where you have many possibilities and where you can sense a great creative force.

My own current situation would easily allow for filling the Now with emotional memories of the (near) past and worrying thoughts about the (near) future. I have many uncertainties in my life right now and would like to change a lot. Having migrated back to The Netherlands not long ago I have many things to do and to think about in order to settle back in. Luckily I know how to be in the Now, regardless of what has just happened or should happen shortly. How do you do that?

The first insight that can help to be more in the Now is the realisation that you are not your thoughts and feelings, but you are just having them. We often identify ourselves with what we feel and think. We say for instance: “I am angry,” while we are much more than just angry. Besides what we feel and think we are at least human of course, male or female, friend, father or mother, etc. And besides for instance feeling angry at some point we may also feel sad or scared or pride, or whatever. No longer identifying with what you feel is half the first step.

No longer identifying with what you think is the other half of the first step. All kinds of thoughts that rapidly and continuously run through our minds, are but thoughts. We think millions of thoughts in one day, and often we believe that our thoughts are true. “I think this or that, therefore that’s my opinion, so that is me!” is a logical way of thinking. But ask yourself this question: “Am I my thoughts?”, “Am I what I was just thinking?”. And observe the response.

Do you see that there is more to you than what you feel and think? Do you see how you are just having thoughts and emotions, but how you are not that?

Once you understand this, you can dis-identify from your emotions and thoughts. And then you can free yourself of them. You can let go of thoughts and emotions, like dropping an eraser from your hand. And once you know how to apply this letting go of feelings and thoughts, you will be easily able to Be in the Now. The Now is then free of what you used to fill it up with, and you can Now simply Be. And when you Are, Now, and continuously allow for space between what you Are and what you think and feel, you will find that Now nothing is wrong: there really is only peace and space. And this realisation allows for greater happiness!  Away with all the tension, all worries are less, the uncertainties are not a problem; all is better for you, and you can be better for others too because you don’t worry.

This is how I navigate through heavy weather, and through sunny weather, too. The heavy weather is much quieter and the sunny days are even sunnier.

To Be in the Now allows me to feel happy during difficult times. I feel privileged to live in a time where the knowledge of masters is easily accessible to all of us, so I can learn, grow and Now Be even better!

To Being in the Now, to Being Happy Now,

Miriam Aziz

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