Satisfaction: sexual, material, spiritual desire fulfilled

Whether you have an unfulfilled sexual, material or spiritual desire: once you bring this unfulfilled desire to your heart and have it transformed there into love and light, you can let it shine into the world, which will give satisfaction on a whole new level of fulfillment.

This is a long and promising sentence. What does it mean and how does it work?

Previously I have spoken and written about letting go with the help of the Sedona method. What I am writing about here is another way of letting go. It is not a very well known method or technique. It is a way that I learnt myself with the continuous support and inspiration of my mentor and friend Marina Beijk-Brussen, owner of Indigo, Practice for Gnostic Healing in Zeist, The Netherlands.

The heart has the ability to transform, heal, empower, give and receive and what not?

Bringing unfulfilled desires to your heart with the intention to have those desires being transformed into love and light, allows for feelings like these to disolve. But they don’t just disolve; you can even do something very positive with the energy that they consist of: you can send it into the world to a person, a thing or a place that you love very much, or just to the world in general.

So how does this work?

Allow yourself to relax and quietly sit still for a moment. If you do this for the first time, create some privacy to make sure you will not be disturbed for the next five to ten minutes. Allow yourself to lower your shoulders and take a gentle but deep breathe.

Think of that one desire that you would love to be fulfilled, and allow yourself to have this desire as much as it is there. Simply feel how much you want it to be fulfilled. Then feel if your desire is being felt in a particular area of your body. Place your right hand there. Allow for the desire and your right hand to connect.

Place your left hand over your heart. Feel the connection between your left hand and your heart. Now allow yourself to bring your desire to your heart by imagining yourself taking this desire and gently putting it into your heart meanwhile moving your right hand from the place you put it first into the direction of your heart. Then you have both hands over your heart.

Now ask your heart: ‘Please transform this desire into love and light by letting my own love and light shine through it.’ Ask it again if necessary: ‘Please transform this desire into love and light by letting my own love and light shine through it.’

Once the feeling has transformed into love and light, see if you can have it fill you up completely. Then see if you can expand it into the world, by opening both hands. While you open your hands, you open your heart. Simply visualise that you send this love and light into the world. See how far you can expand this love and light. Open your hands even further. Open your arms even further. How far can it reach? Where can you send it to? Whether far away or nearby doesn’t matter. What matters is that you let it shine from your heart.

This shining from the heart is the releasing, the letting go. The sharing it with the world is your fulfillment.

You have now liberated yourself from the obsessive thought and believe that you cannot be happy unless your desire has materialised. You will discover that you are able to feel good, happy, fulfilled and complete right now, right here, whether your desire has materialised or not. This will set you free. You will still desire various things and feelings, but your happiness won’t depend on the manifestation any longer. And this will enlarge your chances on the manifestation after all! Because a fulfilled heart and a happy person will allow for many more good things to happen than a bitter heart and an unhappy person.

Have fun exploring.

To your fulfilment!

Miriam Aziz

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