Christmas in July: the Birth of Quality within Yourself

Winter is for reconnecting with my own inner truth

It is winter in Sydney. The nights are long and cold and the days are crisp.

It is the time in which I don’t go out much. I’d rather stay in and make my home into a warm and cosy place burning a candle and having ginger-tea. Or I catch a cold and find myself being forced to stay in, having to wait until I feel better. Time enough to reflect, secretly discover things about myself and silently grow.

Winter is the time to turn inside. In Europe winter and Christmas go hand in hand. In Australia we lack Christmas in wintertime and winter during Christmas. Christmas is all about the birth of Christ. In the story this happens in a dark night, lit only by stars and hope. Baby Jesus embodies the power of love that the Christ-force is. This symbolises the birth of the light inside ourselves: within our darkness we find our light; from living an unconscious life, conscious loving awareness is growing.

So in these short days and long nights I like to remember the symbolic value that Christmas holds for me although we are half a year away from the 24th of December. I am aware of the value of the cold and the dark, I turn inside, and ask myself: what “Christ”, what talent, what quality wants to be born within me this winter?

What quality wants to be born within me this winter?

I direct my attention inwardly. I “travel” to the darkest “places” within myself, and I ask myself: is there anything here that wants to come out and shine? Is there any virtue, talent or quality that I haven’t developed (well enough) yet?

The birth of the Christ represents the growth of our awareness around love. What is it this year that I want to give my loving attention to; that I want to be more aware of?

My silent theme during this Australian winter is forgiveness. I know I can be impatient and demanding. I know that sometimes when someone does not live up to my expectation, I can be judgmental. I feel this winter it is time to let go of that, and instead allow myself to grow “the art of forgiveness”:  to allow myself to have patience, to be forgiving and to forgive; both myself and others.

This comes down to allowing much more of what is, to be exactly the way it is, without wanting to change it. I feel it is time to allow for more acceptance.

That which wants to be born inside of me this winter is allowance.

What wants to be born within you?

What is it inside your darkness that wants to be seen? What hidden inner truth wants to shine its light into your life and into the lives of others?

Of what value could this winter be for you?

To light-birth in darkness, to warmth in winter and to a growing quality-awareness within ourselves,

Miriam Aziz

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