Creative Freedom: Intuition over Ratio

ServantThe Faithful Servant and the Sacred Gift [Illustration Miriam Aziz]

In this past winter month I have enjoyed myself illustrating some of the things I was posting on Facebook. Drawing for me came natural until I went to art school, where the joy of scribbling soon changed into stressful trying to be original and being approved of by hip and stylish artists that would teach us for a couple of hours a week in order to earn a living. Looking back at that now I smile. Then, being young, inexperienced, insecure yet proud, it was a disaster. I didn’t realise that my creativity was being murdered instead of nurtured. I thought art school knew what it was doing.

It took me 25 years to get the enthusiasm back into my scribbling, not needing to meet anybody’s expectation, not wanting anyone’s approval and simply doing it for the joy of doing it. There was one wise teacher back then. He said: “What you think of making, will have no purpose, unless you make it”. We were always trying to figure out the meaning of the things we were about to create. And by doing so we wouldn’t create much because until you create it, there IS no purpose. It took me years to truly understand that one.

Anyhow, I scribble, joyfully! My tool is my phone. It’s so easy, I love it.

Albert Einstein once said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”.

In my case the sacred gift was forgotten during art school. The rational mind took over. Everything the intuitive mind would come up with, got analysed by the rational mind until it went completely numb. The faithful servant was serving too well, being allowed far too much power. I was not aware of that then. I am so happy that I am aware of it now!

Balancing both our intuitive and rational minds is the parole: allowing the servant to treasure the gift, in order for the gift to be given while being kept safe.

What is your sacred gift? What is your intuitive mind telling you? What does it want to give? What is your rational mind supposed to serve faithfully? Are you aware?

I’m interested in your story!

May all our sacred gifts be served faithfully,

Miriam Aziz


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