Peaceful Mind: Be Its Lead

self and higher selfHow could the always busy and trouble-focused mind find peace?
The same mind that says it wants peace and quiet, disallows for fulfillment of its desire by creating the opposite.  [Illustration Miriam Aziz]It seems to be doing what it does best: polarising, pondering, worrying, complaining, warning, puzzling, complicating and then unravelling things, etcetera.

The mind is a macho
The mind is a problem solver. The mind gets bored in a peaceful, quiet space. The mind is a macho, it wants to show off. The mind wants to score. The mind wants to battle and win. When there are no problems to be solved the mind will create some, just to employ and prove itself.

To the problem solving mind peace is boring
There’s not much to solve in peace. In harmony there’s nothing to win. In tranquillity there’s no tension or conflict that needs to be resolved. When we are completely relaxed, the mind can only bear its unemployment for so long, then it will kick in again and come up with impulses that stir up emotions about which it will have to think, from which problems rise that need solutions… The mind can score again!

Putting up with human condition?
This cycle is human. This is what happens all the time. We worry; we work on letting go of worrying; we find peace; we relax and get comfortable; the mind then gets very uncomfortable and stirs internal (and external) commotion again until we worry; … etcetera.

“I want to find peace of mind”
Many people say they want to find peace of mind. This desire stems from the same mind that, at the same time, does not allow for peace of mind because if it would, it would be out of work and this is what the mind will absolutely try to prevent. So how can we change our mind? Can we change it, to begin with? Or is accepting the way it is, all we can do?

Mind needs new orders
Awareness is the keyword. We can accept that the mind does what it does best: solving problems (and if there aren’t any, creating them). It was designed to do so. It has done a good job in the past. But now we have another job for it. We can give it new instructions with the awareness that the “higher mind” has, and let that one do what it does best: restoring balance from having overview. And with awareness we can develop a new attitude. We don’t have to buy into what our minds tell us anymore. We can make more mind-space for what the “higher mind” tells us. We will still always use our minds but we give it a new assignment: Assist In Creating Peace.

Have a peaceful mind by taking the lead
The mind needs instruction. It was just following up the old assignment: Look Out For Trouble! And it did that very well, being smart, bright and willing. However, times change. And so can the mind. But it needs to be told. The “higher mind” can take more responsibility and lead the mind to that desired new state of peacefulness.

For most people it is currently not in their mind’s nature to be peaceful yet many wish to have inner peace. It is possible to train the mind to help create that peace of mind that we are longing for. The mind is for helping us. We just need to give it the right assignment, and lead it well.

To the smartness, brightness and willingness of our minds,

Miriam Aziz

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