Cope with Change: Focus on Core

Awareness_1Sometimes we long for change but sometimes we don’t. We may have to move house, our workplace may suddenly change or a relationship may unexpectedly end; life is constantly changing and this may be overwhelming, trying and stressful. [Illustration Miriam Aziz]

Within all that change there is something that never changes. When you focus on that, the change that is happening around that which never changes, does not feel that uncomfortable.

So what is never changing? It is something inside us as well as something outside of us, and these two seem to be connected, or one and the same, even. Our core, or our spirit or beingness, does not change. And this part of us that resides deep within who we are is connected to that “thing” in nature, or in the world around us that never changes: life energy. Life energy causes change while remaining unchanged itself.

This life energy is referred to as God by some, as Spirit by others, or Source, or Isness. And our beingness is connected to this Isness. We are part of it and it is part of us. All the changes in the world have no effect on the steady, unchanging, stable and reliable core of us and of all other living beings: life force, in which everyone and everything is connected.

So if everything around you is changing and you feel it’s all getting a bit much: just keep focusing on that which never changes. It’s like keeping your eyes fixed on one point at the horizon while at sea in stormy weather: focusing prevents from getting seasick. Focusing on that which never changes helps remaining calm, productive and efficient during turbulent times.

You may want to ask yourself what that is for you that never changes. It may be different to what it is for me. Just take a minute to explore inside yourself and around you, what it is that remains unchanged while everything else is changing.

If you let go of everything you can physically hold on to, and if you let go too of thoughts, beliefs and feelings that aren’t you, then what is left? What is always here? What are you made of? What is everything made of, really? And what is that with and in which we are connected?

What do you find? What is it for you that is stable, constant, and always present no matter how much is changing?

Thank you for taking time exploring this.

With love and gratitude, and to new discoveries,

Miriam Aziz

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