Overcome Procrastination: Release Resistance

ChangeOn my Facebook Page this week I asked what people would like me to write about. In response to AurAnima’s suggestion, I will in this blogpost write about how to overcome procrastination. [Illustration Miriam Aziz]

The question how to overcome something implies that we don’t accept what is here now. If there is procrastination in our behaviour and we don’t like it and therefore condemn it instead of accepting it, we try to push it away, we don’t want it: we resist it. And everything we resist, persists! I’ll explain how this works.

It sounds like a contradiction at first but when you let it sink in, it will become clear: by wanting to change something, it needs to stay the same, otherwise we have nothing to change anymore. In other words: We hold on tight to that which we are trying to change, causing it to stay stuck in our grip of working hard at trying to change it.

Once we let go of wanting to change something, it can actually simply dissolve, take on another form, and finally naturally change!

Once we let go of wanting to change something, it can actually simply dissolve, take on another form, and finally naturally change.  So the best thing to do if we want to overcome procrastination is fully embrace our procrastinating behaviour. By wholeheartedly saying YES to what is here now, we allow ourselves to get back into the flow of life again, in which everything changes naturally. By giving up our resistance, by surrendering to what IS, we ourselves become “fluid” again, moving along with the current of life. The result is that the things that need to be done, will be naturally done, while the things that don’t need to be done simply aren’t done.

The mind, of course, will have lots to say about this and will not be quiet. The mind will scare us with thoughts like these: “If you so called surrender to the current you will for sure not get where you want to get!”, or: “Ha! Do you really think it’s that easy?! You’re a fool and I will protect you from this nonsense! Quickly! Hurry up and stop procrastinating at once!”

Luckily we have the “higher mind” or “higher self” which can come in to correct the mind and remind the mind of the possibility to achieve any goal effortlessly as long as we are in flow. The “higher mind” is not smart like the mind is, but wise, and wise goes a much longer way than smart.

So how do we overcome procrastination? By allowing it. Simply allow the procrastinating behaviour, put your legs up, sit back and relax, and fully enjoy. By enjoying it, you will allow yourself to return to a loving state of being, from which you will naturally do the things that want to be done.

Wanting to overcome procrastination will make you procrastinate longer. Letting go of wanting to overcome it allows for relaxing into the procrastination which will then naturally dissolve, allowing you to act from peacefulness and love, going with the flow of life.

Have these words been helpful for you, AurAnima? Thanks again for your suggestion and if you have any questions or remarks please feel free to ask or comment.

To flow and relaxation, with love,

Miriam Aziz

(Illustration © Copyright 2012 Miriam Aziz)

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