New Beginnings: 3 Questions to Succeed

On this magical day 12-12-’12 the world was to come to an end. That is what some people believed for many years. Or it would happen on the 21st. The nearer we got to 12-12-’12, and the nearer we get to the 21st, the clearer it became and becomes, that the “ending of the world” is to be taken more symbolic. Old habits are to come to an end; old lifestyles, relationships, beliefs, etcetera can be let go of, and be dissolved in time. The world as we know it, can come to an end.

The ending of the world could mean that of many personal worlds. Ending could merely mean change. And ending could mean beginning, too. Everything that ends, allows for new things to begin.

In 2012 my “old world” has indeed ended, allowing for a “new world” to begin. I have finally indefinitely moved to Australia. My Dutch life lies behind me now. That “world” has come to an end, for me.

Has something old in your life ended too? Are you on the brink of something new?

The end of a world allows for a new one to begin. At each new beginning it is still relatively easy to help shape and create this new world. Once a new world is manifested, creating change can be harder. So at this stage it’s important to ask how this new world should look like, who and what should be in it, and how and what should be done in it. What are the goals? Which dreams need be realised?

New beginnings are perfect for setting priorities right!

So which are the priorities?

1. What should my new world look like?

  • Which people should and which ones shouldn’t be in my new world?
  • What things do I want to be doing and who do I want to be doing them with?
  • Which goals do I want to achieve and who can help me achieving them best?

2. What do I need to do in order for the above to come true / what is my action plan?

3. When do I start?

With these priorities clarified, we can lead our new beginnings to fulfilment.

On the other hand, if there are no great, dramatic changes taking place in our lives and there are no clear endings and beginnings, it can be helpful anyway to set our priorities and to check whether the life we live is one that we ourselves enjoy and like. Every day is a good day to begin anew! 13-12-’12 would be great, or 27-01-’13, or any day in between, or every day after!

I wish everyone who stands on the brink of new adventures, as well as everyone who walks the road of cautious change, lots of heartfelt love, power and wisdom,

Miriam Aziz

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