Alone Online – All One in Heart

Use the time it takes to read these words to remember silence. Look at all the white space around the letters you are reading. Remember all the empty space around the things surrounding you. Notice all the silence around the sounds you hear.

Heart Meditation

I guide a Heart Meditation Group close to where I live. Gradually “moving into” silence there, we connect our hearts. Within the connecting silence there is an awareness that grows about the oneness of all hearts.

Creating silence

Here I would like to create that same silence with every word I write. Of course each word I add is more “sound”. Each next letter is taking up more space. But silence and space are infinite so that’s alright.

Wordless journey

My heart simply wants to sit with yours in silence, and connect there, and make a wordless journey in stillness. Would you like to do the same?

If so, could you imagine yourself sitting somewhere together with me and with others, experiencing spaciousness inside and out? And could you imagine the silence in and around us being amplified until we experience a vastness of quiet, of ease, of weightlessness, of simply being in the moment?

Thank you for doing that! I am doing it too, and it works. I sit behind my desk. I hear many sounds. The clicking of the keyboard, a car passing by, birds singing, neighbours chatting… All these sounds appear on and in an infinite silence, like paint on a white canvas where you see many different colours knowing the canvas is underneath. Same for sound. I know that silence is underneath. And around, and within…

Connecting hearts

I want to consciously connect my heart with yours in this awareness of existing silence, no matter how many sounds you and I can hear. Tune into that “nothingness”. Tune into that “non-sound”, the “anti-sound”; find my heartbeat there. I can hear yours. I know it’s there. Allow that beating to become one drum, one rhythm. All-One. All-One!

Alone – all one

We are all alone online behind our separate computers but all one in the field that connects us, the field that “carries” us; that vast no-thing-ness and silence.

I want you to remember this each time you somehow feel alone. The difference in writing is only one L and one space. Alone. All one. Simply add one L of love and a little bit of silent space to feeling alone, and you become “we”, being all one.

To quiet spaciousness. To love. To heart connection. To beating hearts in and on that field where we are all connected. To growing awareness of oneness,

Miriam Aziz


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