Limitation-Liberation: from Prison to Playground

What is real?

You can transform your reality in the blink of an eye.

We create our reality by how we’re looking at life and by what we believe in. If we expect to see misery we will see misery. If we expect to see abundance we will see abundance. If we say we want to see abundance but underneath it we actually believe that life is miserable we will still see misery. If we change our beliefs we can change our perception.

Sean’s story

I had the pleasure to work with “Sean” (I made this name up). Sean was able to transform his sense of imprisonment into experiencing freedom and opportunities. His story inspires me.

Sean’s change of perception

Sean was finding himself in a situation that he was judging as one big failure. He hadn’t lived up to his own expectation of life at all. Things had gone wrong, had not worked out the way he had wanted them to work out and he had left yet another love relationship behind.

Sean and I sat down to look at his situation from various angles. He discovered that when he looked at his own life from another perspective it actually looked quite adventurous. At some point he was able to see that all the events that he would have described as failures earlier, actually had lead him to the point in life where he was now: much more aware, loving, patient and experienced than ever before.

He accepted every step he took on his journey, and acknowledged how he benefited from his past experiences that made him the man he currently is. Emotionally he now found himself in a good place, without having changed a thing; simply by shifting his point of view.

But Sean still felt that physically he was in the wrong place.

The challenge

Once we accept a situation and allow it to be exactly as it is, it will naturally change.  As long as we want to change it, we sort of hold it tight, disallowing for the change we are so eager to see happening. Letting go of wanting to change it allows for the natural expansion and change that comes with life itself.

Sean had not experienced this yet and he was fixated on changing his physical situation rather than accepting it!

I challenged Sean to see his physical situation as an abundant starting point of potential and opportunities. That to Sean felt impossible. It sounded like an abstract concept, not like an achievable new reality.

Sean’s last hurdle

His physical situation felt like a prison to him. He believed that all of his dreams and aspirations would have to wait until he got out of “prison”, until he got himself a new place. He was postponing life itself in this way. Sean wanted to “leave prison” so badly that all he did was focusing on how bad his situation was. That wasn’t helpful at all.

What would help him would be to fully accept his current situation and be at peace with it. Once he would have achieved acceptance and peace, he would be able to reconnect with his talents and creativity from where he would naturally allow the change he was longing for.

The change

We spent time just relaxing, connecting with the heart, allowing positive emotions to run through him. We worked on focusing on what went well. He learned to see the “glass half full” instead of “half empty”. He began to shift his awareness from seeing mostly negative things, to seeing mostly positive things. He would still see negative things but they wouldn’t have such a strong hold of him any more. He learned to let go. He learned that in order for things to not have a strong hold of you, you must let go of your own strong hold of them.

One day he managed to suddenly see that his “prison” was his current life. Life wasn’t going to happen once out of prison. It was happening right now! His life was actually happening inside of his “prison”! This to him proved that what he had looked at as prison, was simply a situation that occurred; a starting point that he could either judge and disapprove of, or could embrace and use for further exploration and growth.

Sean’s prison turned into a playground that day. He didn’t first need to change his physical situation before his “real life” could begin: he was beginning it right now, right here!

Suddenly all the former self imposed restrictions evaporated and made place for expansion. Ultimately, Sean realised that the current physical situation was a perfect one to experiment from and to learn and grow from.

Freedom in limitation

He liberated himself from his own judgment and that allowed for all the freedom in the world to do anything.

Sean had learned something that we all long to know: how to find freedom in limitation.

How about you?

Do you recognise anything in Sean’s story? Are there areas in your life that you feel are limited and restricted? Could you accept this? Could you allow this to be exactly as it is? And could you shift your awareness to seeing that within these limitations you have the freedom to feel, think and experience anything you’d like?

To your liberation, exactly in this given moment, right in this place!

Miriam Aziz

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