Best Performance Through Core Connection

Are you up in the head most of the time? Is your decision-making happening mostly in your brain? Are you being smart, alert, quick and successful because of clear thinking? Are you doing well but meanwhile becoming “top-heavy”?

Looking at executives, entrepreneurs, politicians, IT-specialists, intellectuals and researchers I have observed a certain kind of imbalance in their posture. They seem to carry all their weight in their heads. It’s scary sometimes. It reminds me of high piles of stones or books that fall over because they tower up too high and aren’t steady enough at the base.

Are you familiar with these dolls that are so heavy at the base that no matter how hard you try you just can’t push them over? This doll is a perfect example of what is important for everything and everyone “top-heavy”: bring some of that weight down if you want to be more resilient.

Do you ever take even the shortest moment to just sit in silence and allow your attention to go to other areas within you than to your head alone? Do you allow yourself to explore what you intellectually own other than your brain?

The brain is a perfect source for knowledge of facts, history and intellectual strategy. But there’s more to you than that. You own an area within yourself where a greater knowledge resides: a deep wisdom that you were born with and that only needs to be uncovered to be consciously used. This “wise field” or this “treasure” is located in your chest. The heart space is the area where wisdom, power and love reside greater than your brain can comprehend.

I want you to explore this area. I want you to know how to consciously tap into that energy-source. Why? Because it will complete you as a successful human being. It will improve your leadership, your business and your relationships. It will enlighten you. You will feel better, more complete, stronger, happier and clearer.

You can use the Quick Coherence Technique to tap into this source of greatness and you can use The Sedona Method. Both tools are taught in my Compass Programs. They aren’t hard to learn, they don’t take much time to practice yet they will add so much to the way you perform that you will be a “different person”, a complete person, a person who feels whole, satisfied, fulfilled and at ease. People around you sense this. They will respond to you in a different way allowing for more valuable relationships and communication.

To your fulfilment and success,

Yours sincerely,

Miriam van Keulen

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