The Source of True Leadership

What is true leadership and what is it inspired by?

What leadership really is about

1. Leadership is about taking responsibility for your own actions, and allowing others to take responsibility for theirs.
2. Leadership is about sharing what you have learned with those who wish to learn from you; being an inspiration and creating opportunities for others to grow.
3. Leadership is about genuinely being interested in other people; caring about them as well as allowing them to care about you.

The Ideal Leader

True leadership, or the ideal leader is powerful (as in 1.), wise (as in 2.) and loving (as in 3.).

Power, Wisdom and Love

Where do power, wisdom and love come from?

The Source

In our hearts we are connected with that which is greater than we ourselves are; call it an energy field, a connection, morphic awareness, or God, Allah, Yahweh, Source, Spirit, Nature, Life, All, … whatever feels most accurate to you.

There is an invisible area in our hearts where a “god flame” is kept burning as long as we live. Ascended Masters like Saint Germain, Kuthumi and Djwal Kul refer to this area as a secret chamber; an extra chakra alongside the heart chakra. It is in this human space within ourselves where the divine resides, inspiring us and keeping us and our hopes alive.

I call this flame in its chamber the Source of True Leadership. It is this “god flame”, this “breath of life” that gives purpose, meaning and direction.

The flame is threefold and consists of the qualities wisdom, power and love (see the threefold flame burning in the extra heart chakra painted in the picture above).

Cutting Through Impeding Patterns

During people’s lives these three qualities are often covered by daily worries, negative thoughts and overwhelming emotions. But a true leader knows how to uncover these qualities. A true leader knows how to go beyond daily worries and consciously taps into this source. A true leader knows how not to be mislead by thoughts and emotions.

This is what my Leadership Programs are about: learning how to cut through the chatter and the clutter, the distractions and the misleading thoughts and feelings. What I offer is a conscious connection with that threefold “god flame” in the heart, without having to be religious.

Religious or Not

You may or may not identify with a church or religion, you may have a common way of (not) practicing a belief, or you may experience your own very intimate, secret relationship with the divine. To me your (dis)belief is irrelevant. What I care about is to share with you the best of what I have gathered during many hard years of living: a way in which you too can cut through impeding rational and emotional patterns and reconnect with what feeds you, inspires you, soothes you, empowers you, loves you and teaches you.

Freedom of Choice

The Source of True Leadership cannot run dry and it is always there. You may think that you don’t have it, but that is just a thought that you don’t necessarily have to buy into. To feel connected or disconnected with it is up to you. You can choose to learn how to connect and remain connected with it. It isn’t hard, but it takes commitment and a little practice. If you want it, it happens. You have the freedom to choose and to make it happen or not. Both are equally fine.

There’s More to Explore

If you want to explore more, please feel free to contact me and have a conversation.

Thank you.

To true leadership,

Miriam Aziz

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