The Master’s Compass – A Journey Beyond Thoughts and Feelings Into the Heart of Love, Power and Wisdom

SMemo_65The mind is like a wild horse. You have to tame it. You have to jump on its back, draw on the bridles and decide which way to go. You have to be the master. Don’t let your mind take control over you. You determine which thought or emotion to follow up and which one to discard. Be responsible. Take ownership. Use your power wisely and with love.

Interlude: “Thoughts and feelings are like things: you can decide whether to keep them, to share them or to discard them.” The tour guide’s voice penetrated my content state. “Try this:” he said, “take a piece of rock from the ground and hold it in your hand. Tightly close your fingers around it and hold it as if you’ll never let it go. Hold it with an iron grip for a few seconds. Now loosen your grip. Open your fingers, your hand. Move the rock on your hand and notice that it is not attached to you. Now drop it on the ground.” Sound of twelve falling pieces of rock… “Was this hard?” the Master wanted to know. No, of course not; this was very easy. “It’s the same with emotions and thoughts. As soon as you realise that they are not attached to you and that they are not you; you can choose whether you want to keep them, express them, or to let go of them. You decide. You are in control. Although they are not you, they are yours. It is up to you and you alone to determine what happens with them: do you allow them to stay with you? Would you prefer to share them? Or do you simply decide to drop them like you did with the rocks, and move on without them?” The Master paused for a minute letting this sink in with us. “There is no good or bad. Each decision you make simply IS. Each decision will have consequences and you may like one consequence better than the other. It doesn’t matter. You can’t get it wrong. Things just ARE. And you have freedom of choice to make the decision that you somehow know is best.”

The above is from my forthcoming book “The Master’s Compass – A Journey Beyond Thoughts and Feelings Into the Heart of Love, Power and Wisdom” which is expected to be released this September. Go to for more information and to pre-order!

I’m sitting in the Pennant Hills Library writing, writing, writing and writing to finish my first draft on Friday. On Friday I will have been writing for about 40 hours during 40 days. I took on the challenge to write a book in 40 hours and I believe I am getting there! If you want to write a book in 40 hours too and want to be supported by a whole group of writers doing the same, and to be mentored by an inspired and inspiring New Zealand woman from Zimbabwe, go to It’s a great adventure!

Here’s to the Art of Mastering the Heart as a Compass (that’s what my book is all about),

Miriam Aziz

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