The Sword of Clarity – Secret Tool for Leaders Part 1

SMemo_70‘Follow your heart’ is becoming a popular little sentence. It seems to replace ‘Follow your passion’. It is so easy to say. But is it also easy to do?

How do you know it is your heart you follow? How can you be sure that it’s not just some new idea your smart mind came up with, and directed you to do?

The mind is smart yet wisdom’s in the heart. If you want to grow personally, and if you want to develop more depth in how you perform professionally, it will be a wise thing to learn to distinguish the voices of your mind and heart.

Everybody is saying ‘Follow your heart’, but they don’t tell us how to.

I have studied the how for three decades. I have put together my recipe for following your heart in The Master’s Compass. The Sword of Clarity is a tool that I describe in this book.

You too can own and use an imaginary Sword of Clarity. It is a very personal tool that you can cut through illusions with. The mind produces all kinds of thoughts of which only twenty per cent is helpful. The other eighty per cent is causing worry, stress, anxiety, fear, anger, lust and frustration. Using your Sword of Clarity will help you to consciously connect with your core, your heart. There you can tap into the power, love and wisdom that allow you to realise whichever dream you wish to come true.

In my next blog I will share how you can find your sword, if you haven’t done so already.

To clarity,

Miriam Aziz


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