The Sword of Clarity – Secret Tool for Leaders Part 2

SMemo_70The Sword of Clarity is a tool to slice through unproductive thinking and feeling. It can help you guard the passage to your heart.

Most professionals in the (alternative) mental health industry advice us to follow our hearts, but they don’t tell us how to. I have studied the how for three decades. I have put together my recipe for following your heart in The Master’s Compass. The Sword of Clarity is a tool that I describe in this book. In my previous blog The Sword of Clarity Part 1 I promised to share how to find your own Sword of Clarity. I will do so below.

From The Master’s Compass, Chapter Six ‘Identification’:

‘Are you familiar with Saint George’s legend? Saint George had to fight a dragon to liberate a village of this dragon’s tyranny. He used a sword to slay the dragon. He won.

Have you heard of Archangel Michael? Archangel Michael and Saint George are very much alike. Michael carries a sword like Saint George. It is a ‘sword of light’ with which he distinguishes between good and bad, truth and lie: his sword ‘shines light in the dark’, revealing the truth of everything.

Would you allow yourself to explore how a distinguishing-tool might look for you? If so, please take a minute.

Close your eyes. Sit comfortably. Relax your body. Allow yourself to breathe a bit deeper than usual.

Imagine descending stairs, to a beautiful hidden garden.

You see something blink in the sunlight. You walk toward the shining object. It is a sword. You examine it closely, noticing every detail: how does it look exactly?

It is clear that this sword is yours. This is your “inner sword”. You might already be aware of it, know what it looks like and how to handle it. If you have never seen it before: imagine taking the sword in your hand. Is it heavy or lighter than you expected? Does it have a certain design? Is it engraved with initials, or a text? What does it say?

Become familiar with the sword. Allow yourself to build a deep awareness of possessing this sword. Know that it is yours to use whenever you are “attacked” by confusion or negative thinking or feeling. Use it to slice through the chatter and clutter your mind produces. Let it help you free the passage to what is true for you. Use it to remain connected with what you are.

Now you return to the stairs. You are taking the sword with you.

Ascend the steps and return to the room.

The sword is sacred and secret. You don’t have to tell others about it. It is yours alone. From now on you can use it to slice through unproductive thinking and feeling, to get to the core of who and what you are: to connect with the power, love and wisdom within your heart.’

More about this in blogs to come. Or order The Master’s Compass, the story and drawings will teach and inspire you to master the art of using your heart as a compass.

To clarity,

Miriam Aziz

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