Your Inner Diamond

‘Australians have been spending more than a billion dollars a day in the final shopping rush before Christmas.’  ‘Retailers have recorded a pick-up in spending on electronics, furniture, homewares and books.’  ‘As the big day nears, the focus is now switching from presents to celebrations on the day with more money expected to be spent on food and alcohol over Monday and Tuesday.’ From: Australian Associated Press, The Guardian, Monday 23 December 2013.

Imagine only a small part of that amount of money being invested in personal development and mental health. Imagine people buying gift cards for their loved ones to spend on life coaching and leadership coaching – next Christmas would be a different one.

Electronics, furniture, homewares, books, food and alcohol may all be wonderful to have and consume. How much more enjoyable would they be if you felt happier inside? How much merrier would Christmas be if you felt satisfied, fulfilled and good within yourself?

A new year is waiting to begin. What will you allow yourself to have and do in 2014, in order to be happier? Is it gifts, things, overseas travels, plastic surgery, knowledge, work?

Studies have shown that people feel happier when they liberate themselves from the chains of consumption. Sitting on a mountain top overlooking the land, watching the sun rise or set, allowing for silence both outwardly and inwardly, and simply being as opposed to doing or having anything, is proven to give a sense of fulfilment that many people are looking for when they are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on things, food, alcohol and drugs.

For many of those who feel the desire to change – to find that sense of inner fulfilment – it is hard. Where to start? How to begin? When you want to change the shape of your body you go to the gym and can be supported by a personal trainer. When you want your nose smaller or your breasts larger you go to a plastic surgeon. For all desires of the intangible realm you can go to a priest or a personal coach – a life coach, a leadership coach or a good counsellor.

All things intangible are difficult spending money on because the changes are intangible – we feel we lose our money without getting anything tangible in return. But the changes are only intangible in the beginning. Soon inner contentment also begins to manifest outwardly, in the form of deeper friendships, more fulfilling work, greater wealth and a healthier life.

Investing in personal development might not give that instant result that buying things does. But in contrast with buying a thing, investing in personal development can only make things better. A thing will wear and tear. A thing needs replacement after a certain amount of time. Personal growth never wears and tears: the inner ‘diamond’ can only grow more beautiful – developing greater clarity, luster, size and value. The ROI (return on investment) will be far greater when spending money on personal development than on things.

Consider such smart investment for the new year. Have a look at Fees and discover that it doesn’t need to be a very large investment to have a great ROI. Allow yourself that true and deep sense of fulfilment, that you can only get from feeling happy on the inside – all outer fulfilment soon fades and leaves you believing that you need to consume yet another thing, meal or drink.

To a liberated 2014 in growing inner satisfaction and fulfilment, forever.

With very best regards,

Miriam van Keulen

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