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Healing is nonsense

‘To improve ourselves we have to heal ourselves’, they say. ‘They’ are ‘healers’. Nonsense, I say. We don’t have to heal ourselves at all. We are already whole, healed and okay. Only certain beliefs around not being whole, healed and okay, tell you differently.

Are thoughts always telling the truth?

Do you hold negative beliefs about yourself? Have you bought into the idea that something is wrong with you? Have you adopted the thought that you have to do something about yourself first before you can be good, or better?

These beliefs, ideas and thoughts – have you ever checked whether they are true? No? Please do so for a second.

Things are not always what they seem

No matter how true they seem, they are not. You are already good enough. All you have to do is to let go of every thought, belief and idea about it being not so. Letting go of thinking that you have to be fixed, or have to fix yourself first, will prove these thoughts wrong, because letting go of this ‘I have to be healed-belief’ will uncover a perfect you.

Really, you were born fine. Every sense of lack was projected on you since, and you believed in these projections. Who were you not to? You didn’t consciously remember that you were fine.


Now is the time to remember. Now you are old enough to reconnect with your completeness. Check everything that is being said to and about you. Don’t believe what I am writing here. Check in with yourself – ask yourself whether you truly believe what is being said and written.

If there’s anything that should be done or fixed, it’s this: stop believing others, no matter how beautifully they have presented themselves and their words – check in with YOU, and connect with and act from your truth only.


Finding your truth can be a challenge. How do you distinguish between their and your own opinion? Silence is essential when going on this discovery journey. Adopted beliefs can be very loud. Allow yourself to take time to sit, walk or run in silence. Truth is to be found there where no-one interferes.

On/off buttons

Switch off Facebook for a day. Forget about the news. Ignore your phone. Start listening to your own inner voice. It can’t be heard when the world is hammering itself into your space because you let it. Just don’t, for a day. Switch off the world – switch on yourself, and listen!

To your freedom and self-discovery,

Miriam Aziz


5 Comments on “Switch Off Others – Power Perfect Self

  1. Hi Clarissa, I’m so happy you feel peaceful and happy! Yes, Facebook can be an illusionary world. Everything we need to make us feel complete, we have inside! You are no longer dependent on approval from outside when you can liberate yourself like you do. Wonderful! Enjoy! XX


  2. @Miriam: Being off Facebook has made my life much easier. I’m less stressed because I’m not bombarded with all the negative information and fake ‘PERFECT’ lives of others. I mainly left because too many times people are so unkind and outright mean. Many use Facebook to through their humanity seemed to fly out the window. I felt as if I was being drawn into that world and wanted to ‘save’ myself. Now, I’m able to feel at more peace. I’m much more creative. Most of all, I’m absolutely happy.


  3. Thank you Clarissa, I’m so happy this post came at the right time for you! Courageous you, to stay off Facebook and far away from ‘noise’ and ‘poison’. I’m interested in how that changes things for you, within you, about you, about what you do? If you feel like, please let me know, either here, or in a private message to miriam@miriamaziz.com.au. Thank you! Love, power and wisdom, Miriam


  4. @Miriam: What a beautifully written composition of inspiration! I really needed to read this today. I have ‘switched off’ all of the noise. As you know I’m no longer on Facebook. I do not watch or listen to the news, and I stay far away from ‘poison’ people. You have something great here. Keep up the fantastic work.


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