To Creativity! Drawings for The Master’s Compass

the Master's compassHaving decided to print my book The Master’s Compass in black and white my previously done illustrations in colour will not be published. I thought I’d post some of them here instead.

To creativity!

Miriam Aziz

HIgher Self & Little i

The higher self and the little i (or the ego) – merging in the human body – make them work together! © Miriam Aziz 2014

The Sword of Clarity

The Sword of Clarity – a tool to slice through unproductive thoughts and emotions with – a guardian of the passage to your heart. © Miriam Aziz 2014

The Source of True Leadership

The Source of True Leadership – plug into the power, the love and the wisdom of your heart and make the best decisions for life and work from there. © Miriam Aziz 2014

The Now

The Now – we use to fill up our Now with thoughts, plans and worries about the future and the past, resulting in not being present in the present moment. Taking out of the Now all of this ‘pollution’ allows for empty space and a full experience of the present moment, in which everything usually is perfectly fine. © Miriam Aziz 2014

The Nine Basic Emotions

The Nine Basic Emotions – apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger, pride, courage, acceptance and peace – “I” is experiencing these emotions without having to identify with them. © Miriam Aziz 2014

The Mind Is Like A Wild Horse

The mind is like a wild horse – tame it, direct it and own it. Make it serve you instead of serving it. That is freedom! © Miriam Aziz 2014

The Master

The Master – The Master is free – resting as the perfection they are, being the presence which is aware of, yet unaffected by, thoughts and emotions that are stirred by human life. © Miriam Aziz 2014

The Servant and the Gift

The faithful servant and the sacred gift – restoring the relationship between ratio and intuition: ratio is serving intuition. © Miriam Aziz 2014


Identification – what and who do we identify with? What do you see when you look in the mirror? © Miriam Aziz 2014

Tears Irrigate the New

Tears irrigate the new – no growth without proper mourning. © Miriam Aziz 2014


Relationships – the only thing that really matters in a life, so set your priorities right. © Miriam Aziz 2014

The god-hub

The god-hub – the heart is the physical place where the divine and human meet. If you want to consult someone really wise, consult your own heart. But know how to distinguish what your heart says, from the noise and the chatter that your mind is making. © Miriam Aziz 2014

Pink Elephant

Pink elephant – when making plans and setting goals, think in terms of what you want, as opposed to what you don’t want. When I say: ‘Don’t think of a pink elephant,’ what do you think of? Right. Make sure you think of that what you really, really want! © Miriam Aziz 2014


Discipline – learning how to master the art of using the heart as a compass requires discipline. But it’s as easy as brushing your teeth every day: you just have to do it! © Miriam Aziz 2014

Deep Sea Diver

Deep Sea Diver – imagine you are a deep sea diver, sitting quietly on the floor of the ocean, being aware of the strong current (emotions) and wild waves (thoughts) far above you, without being affected by them. © Miriam Aziz 2014


Awareness – being presence of awareness means you are aware of everything human around and inside you, yet you are also aware of remaining unaffected by it all. © Miriam Aziz 2014

Anchoring the Mind in the Heart

Anchoring the mind in the heart – in your heart you will find your purpose, your lasting joy and your fulfilment – as long as your mind is anchored within your heart, you can’t go wrong. © Miriam Aziz 2014



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