Agent of Change – Setting the Example

A life coach should always be an agent of change. People like me support others to let go of the old, and create and welcome the new. Often massive change is involved for those who wholeheartedly embark on a life coaching journey.

It should be no surprise that I myself change many things often – perhaps more things and more often than people who are not professionally promoting change.

The biggest change I ever undertook was to move from The Netherlands to Australia in 2009. More recently the changes I make are visible in the process of writing my book The Master’s Compass.

Working on this book has prevented me to publish posts here as often as I intended. I have published posts on the book’s website though. There I report the changes that I decide to make.

The latest change has been the focus of the book from Leadership to Life’s Fulfilment. This decision implies a lot of adjustment. I have changed the book’s cover, and am constantly working on its content, which will have to be edited and corrected again.

I could have not changed it. I could have left it the way it was. But I strongly felt that it being addressed to people who identify with the word Leadership, my book could unintentionally exclude those who don’t, while those are the people who could benefit from the book the most.

Insights like these are better to be had in earlier stages, but I didn’t have this insight until I read the physical second proof print – late, but never too late! I feel I have to change it, so I do.

The picture shows the new book cover. The title is still The Master’s Compass. The new subtitle is A Journey Beyond Thoughts and Feelings Into the Heart of Love, Power and Wisdom.

May my behaviour be like a gentle nudge for you, should you want to change something but are feeling hesitant about it.

For more information about The Master’s Compass and to view and purchase its illustrations, please go here. For more information about my counselling and life coaching services please feel free to contact me directly.

To fulfilling change,

Miriam Aziz

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