Launch Your Rockets Of Desire And Let Go

My client felt confused. How could she strongly desire something, yet feel whole and complete in this very moment? To her, this felt contradictory.

I tell my clients what I have learned from the Sedona Method and from Abraham-Hicks. They go so well together although they seem so different. The Sedona Method teaches us to let go of everything that doesn’t serve us – everything that is standing in between us and our happiness can be let go of, and it can even be done easily; effortlessly. Abraham-Hicks teach us that every want we feel, is a rocket of desire, which is launched every moment you’re aware of the desire.

With the Sedona Method we learn how to let go of our four basic wants (wanting approval, control, security and oneness/separation). We learn how every ‘want’ is similar to a sense of lack. As long as we want something, we are stuck in this feeling of lack, and whilst believing we lack the things we want, we can’t manifest, create or attract that which we want, because we – consciously or subconsciously – believe we can’t have it.

Abraham-Hicks say that while launching our rockets of desire, we create our new reality.

The two seem far apart.

Abraham-Hicks also say that after you have launched your rocket of desire, you must let go of wanting to control how the desire will manifest. They say ‘management’ will take care of that – universal powers like coincidence and synchronicity, fate or luck. If you want to control the how, you aren’t open to the ways ‘management’ has planned to get things done. If you want to be in control no magic can happen, and those things that need to fall into place in order for your desire to manifest, cannot happen.

The Sedona Method helps to let go of every limiting belief, every impeding thought and feeling that would withhold you from believing that you can actually have what you want to have, and that ‘management’ will take care of it.

The two come very close.

Abraham-Hicks say you must want, dream, wish, fantasise and ask for all your wildest imagination to manifest, and imagine your desire so vividly that you will feel as good in this present moment as you think you will feel when it has manifested. And when you do, it doesn’t matter whether it manifests or not: you feel good already!

The Sedona Method says that after having let go of all your wants, you feel imperturbable: you feel good no matter if you will get that which you thought you wanted so badly, or whether you don’t.

The two are the same! The Sedona Method and Abraham-Hicks help each other and help us, to feel good NOW; to feel fulfilled, whole and perfect exactly as we are now, in an instant!

Letting go of our basic wants allows us to launch our rockets of desire more freely, and feel NOW what we think we would feel had they already manifested.

NOW is all that matters. We have nothing else. The past is a memory, the future is a plan – only NOW is real. We might as well feel good NOW and feel as if all of our goals have been achieved. And as we do that, we increase the chances of achieving our goals, because in our happy and fulfilled state, we have no resistance to the manifestation process. It’s not only wonderful to feel good in an instant – it’s also a smart way to speed up the process of getting the things you want to come your way. But you don’t really care anymore if it comes or if it doesn’t; you feel good anyway! It is exactly this ‘carelessness’, this imperturbability that makes it possible for that what you desire to effortlessly come into your experience… It seems so contradictory yet it makes so much sense.

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To your imperturbability – to wholeness and fulfilment NOW,

Miriam van Keulen

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