Being In The Now – Eckhart Tolle Retreat 1

I’m at an Eckhart Tolle retreat. Today is Day 3. I intend to give you a full summary when I get home. Right now I must reflect on one thing already. Thank you for being an invisible yet helpful ear or listener-reader.

Eckhart Tolle is about Being In The Now. During the retreat in his talks he invites us to practice Being In The Now while we go about our days here. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner we sit around the tables with different participants every meal. We could all do as the master asks us to do and Be In The Now. But what most people do, is chatting about what they did yesterday or a couple of years ago, what they’ll do tomorrow or next year, and what jobs they do, how spiritual they are and which beliefs they hold.

They don’t do it on purpose. They feel happy to meet likeminded people with whom they can share their stories. They feel enthusiastic and passionate. They use each other to grow, develop and evolve. It’s all good. But it’s definitely not Being In The Now.

I feel quite surprised to observe this. I thought that an audience so conscious of Eckhart’s message would sit in silence and Be, with ease and grace. It isn’t so.

This presents me with a dilemma: do I confront the people at my table with my observation, or do I practice Being In The Now regardless of what other people do?

Sharing this story with you has taken me out of the Present Moment for a short while. I have allowed myself to reflect on something that is not happening in this very moment but has happened over the past few days. You could say I’m doing the same as they do: I DO something rather than simply BE. Yet this little dwelling-on-a-thought has taken me to a place within me where I find the answer to my dilemma.

I will not confront anyone. I will practice Being In The Now myself, amongst the noise of the most fantastic stories about past and future that my table companions are telling each other. This will be a good practice for ‘normal life’ – when I’ll be back home most people don’t even know who Eckhart Tolle is, and they will be lost in past and future stories even more. Learning how to remain ‘rooted in being’ and remaining alert and still in the present moment here during the retreat, will be beneficial and peaceful for me when going home.

As a coach I tend to always want to support others and share my insights. But I am on this retreat for myself. I don’t have to confront, share or teach anything or anyone. I am perfectly fine, right here, right now :-).

To Being In The Now,
Miriam van Keulen

PS: I will learn more about being active in the world while being deeply rooted in stillness on Day 5.

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