Spiritual Entertainment – Eckhart Tolle Retreat Day 4

Tonight Eckhart will treat us to Spiritual Entertainment :-). He is clearly looking forward to the evening by the look on his face when he announces this special night. I suspect he has a couple of great things in store for us. But first I have a day off. In the morning I swim and bubble-bathe in the resort’s spa. Everything that has been said, felt and understood, or not yet understood, today has time to sink in, while being (in) the water.

I did have a question to ask during the Q&A session with Tolle yesterday. Today I’m glad I wasn’t chosen to pose it because it somehow simply dissolved, and what seemed a serious issue at first, now has completely disappeared! Transcending thought and being in the now, surrendering to what is, has reconnected me with the perfection of everything. I am still judging. I am still opinionated. But when judgement and opinion rise, I simply accept it without judgement about the judgement or opinion; without resistance. Consciousness allows for that what would have been disapproved of with the mind. In doing so, or perhaps better: in being so, it dissolves.

This is similar to what my beloved Sedona Method achieves. Whenever I use The Sedona Method for myself or with clients this state of conscious surrendering and allowing is reached as effortlessly as with listening to Eckhart speak for a couple of sessions. The Sedona Method gets you there where Eckhart speaks of, without telling you that that is where you’re going to. That’s what I love about the method. It doesn’t suggest – it simply allows everyone to have their own experience and discovery. It is powerful because it doesn’t tell you what is true and what isn’t – it lets you find out for yourself by using very simple yet profound questions.

It is 8:00 PM – time for entertainment. Everyone gets together in the Pavillion where tonight not only Eckhart Tolle is shown on a big screen above himself, but where Eckhart is showing us video clips on which he comments.

They are funny, inspirational and impressive videos. There is one in particular that makes the Pavillion shake with laughter: The Sickest Buddhist, a satirical video in which the main character is quite full of himself as Buddhist. He is a smoking, swearing, always cell-phoning womaniser and a rapper who sings: ‘I’m so f*cking present, I’m ahead of my time,’ and: ‘I make The Power of Now look like The Power of Then’, among other funny lines. To watch the video, click here.

Another hilarious self-mocking clip Eckhart shows us is about being ‘ultra spiritual’. ‘Spiritual people’ for example have all been to India and all say ‘Namaste’ when they greet each other instead of saying ‘Bye’, ‘Cheers’ or ‘See you’. It is almost like using a password to prove that they belong to the Spiritual Elite, incrowd or subculture, saying ‘Namaste’ for ‘Bye’. In the future, when Islamophobia has dissolved, a group of non-arab intellectuals might all suddenly find it very cool to say ‘Salam Aleikum’ for ‘Hi’ …
Anyway, ‘Namaste’ is also nicely been mocked with in this funny clip, as has looking too deep into someone’s eyes for too long, and other great things. See it here.

We watch more serious videos as well. One is about the spiritual awakening of a woman who is told that her body has cancer and not long to live. This clip connects to what Tolle says about suffering being our greatest spiritual teacher.

It is a light hearted night though, with lots of laughter yet filled with inspiration and insights. Eckhart always shows a lighter side of himself throughout the most serious talks, but tonight he is like a lighter and more joyous version of himself altogether. He obviously has great joy in his own entertainment, which is contagious and uplifting.

‘Thank you for everything, I have no complaints whatsoever.’

Miriam van Keulen

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  1. Hi Graham, Thank you for your comment and thank you for reblogging this post! Yes, if you can, go to a retreat, it’s just so much genuine joy and presence. Have a great day!


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    Please check out Miriam’s daily posts about her current retreat with Eckhart Tolle. Oh, and please don’t miss her link to the ‘Sickest Buddhist’ video on her day 4 summary. Too funny!


  3. Hi Miriam! I am very much enjoying reading about your retreat with Eckhart. I have considered on many occasions going to one here in North America. I love the ‘Sickest Buddhist’ video and I am going to reblog it. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your retreat!

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