God Is Consciousness – Eckhart Tolle Retreat Day 6

Today is the final day of the retreat with Eckhart Tolle in Coolum, Sunshine Coast QLD Australia. People have come from all over the world to become more conscious, to be still inside and to learn from this modern master.

I am finding it hard to write this post. I experience great presence in vast spaciousness, which makes words seem distant shapes and sounds. Words are only pointers. It’s never about the words. It’s always about what they are pointing at.

Five days ago Eckhart concluded his first talk of the retreat with: ‘You are consciousness. Consciousness is like the light of the sun. What the sun is, is for you to find out’. (see Day 1)

We have come full circle when this morning, among many other things, he says:

‘You are rays of sunshine. God is the sun, the source; we stem from that, like rays. We live our separate lives believing we are independent entities. As we awaken we remember the connectedness, the being-one-with-all, because we all come from the same source, or origin.

Becoming conscious is remembering God within and without.

God is consciousness. We Are That.’*

Then Tolle poses a new question:

‘Is the brain consciousness itself, or is it a transmitter of consciousness? Like a radio, transmitting and broadcasting sounds – waves, frequencies – from the ether?’

I know what I believe to be true: I think the brain is a transmitter of consciousness. I believe consciousness is an energy field on and in which we are all connected. I believe the brain helps to remember consciousness – to remember God – to be that field of consciousness, and in that sense to be (like) God.

What do you believe?

Eckhart concludes the retreat by saying: ‘You know what your mission is – but don’t be missionaries’.

Then he stands and invites Kim Eng (see Day 5) to join him. ‘Can you jump up?’ he asks while she effortlessly steps up the high stage. He opens his arms to her. She hasn’t expected him to do so but lovingly answers his gesture. They hug. I get goosebumps. My mind says it’s quite ridiculous and sentimental to cry, while my body produces tears that roll down my cheeks. It’s an intense moment. It feels as if by hugging Kim, Eckhart is hugging all five hundred twenty of us. There is just so much love.

‘Thank you for everything, I have no complaints whatsoever.’

Miriam van Keulen

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N.B. The Sedona Method is a practical guide to experiencing the Consciousness, Awareness, Presence, Stillness and the Now that Eckhart Tolle talks about. For information please feel free to contact me.

* Oh, thank you Eckhart Tolle for wording these things like you do! You seem to find the perfect pointers always. Your teachings are millennia old wisdom spoken in such a way that these ears of mine that are so used to hearing 2014-contemporary language, can understand. Your pointers resonate with ancient knowledge that somehow must be hidden and kept safe in my subconscious. The tone and music of your words help this information to surface, and I simply know it’s true.
Your words point at the same wisdom Rumi was pointing at and many Ascended Masters like Jesus, Kuthumi and Saint Germain. In almost all religions there have been secrets that only initiates were allowed to be aware of, and had to protect with their lives. For centuries the idea that We Are Consciousness / We Are (like) God has been condemned as blasphemous. Times are changing. You are a great revealer of this well kept secret. I share your mission. It is to be kept secret no longer. Yet it must be treated with the utmost care because the information is too easily misunderstood. I admire your carefulness, your respect and your courage.

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