Accept Your Limitation

We are boundless creatures – we can do anything we dream of. We can leave our comfort zones and overcome life’s challenges. We are mini-gods. ‘Yes we can!’

I’m an optimist who used to believe in the above. Part of me still believes in the above. But this year I have learned something that brought more nuance to what I believe.

During a recent spiritual retreat I got what I expected from Eckhart Tolle, author of ‘The Power Of Now’ and speaker-teacher at the retreat. Being Deeply Rooted In Silence While Being Active In The World is one of his lessons and my aim.

I also got something I had not expected: a major insight coming to me through a yoga class given by Eckhart’s wife Kim Eng.

Accept Your Limitation

Through yoga exercises, Kim let me feel what I could and could not do with my body. There was a lot I could not do because I’m not used to practising yoga. Every time my body wouldn’t go any further in bending, stretching or turning, she would say: ‘Accept your body’s limitation. Feel the pain. Breathe into it.’

Being used to challenging limitation and believing I can do anything if only I want, I felt surprised and deeply relieved when I understood that it is okay to accept that there are things I cannot do: allowing myself to not be able to do certain things and to accept certain impossibilities is not only realistic but a blessing too.

Grand Bonus

Things have shifted since that day. It took time for me to understand what had really happened in those ninety minutes of yoga Kim-style. It turned out to be the grand bonus of the retreat.

Working as a life coach I often focus on opportunities – even on creating and manifesting opportunities if they don’t naturally present themselves. I have simply not consciously been dealing with limitation. And I realise now that that has been a shortcoming.


I don’t have to be able to do everything. I can say I-can’t-do-that. I don’t always have to try even harder. I can give up. I allow myself to be limited. I accept my limitation.

It is a great relief to include this lesson in both my private and professional attitude. It may sound stupid. I should have known for a long time. I have known for others, but not for me! A big blind spot I’ve had there!


I have often had difficulty setting boundaries. I notice with accepting my limitation, I naturally set boundaries.

Before, I felt I had to set boundaries because it was something I had to be able to do, for example to serve my health or to serve professional relationships. Now a boundary is set automatically when I accept that I am unable (or unwilling) to do something. The boundary is coming from another side, and because it appears naturally – out of the acceptance of limitation – it is strong and firm without me having to make it so.

Boundaries rise easily and effortlessly from ‘being’. When I was ‘doing’ my boundaries it was hard.

Reach For The Stars

Accepting your limitation doesn’t mean you don’t try. You always aim for the very highest without worrying about whether you would be able to achieve it or not. The moment it doesn’t work out the way you want it to work out, you stop, you feel the ‘pain’, and you ‘breathe into it’, meaning you truly allow yourself to have reached a limitation. Feel it and welcome it. Accept it. Surrender to it. Love it. And then see what happens.

Being In Doing

Kim Eng’s yoga class has taught me to Be me rather than to Do me. The lesson came via the physical. The body can show other insights than the mind and spirit can. My mind tells me that (my) spirit is boundless. Although I am spiritual, I am human. Spirit inhabits the physical. The physical doesn’t just allow me to do things – it allows me to un-do, or stop, things as well. It can help me to Be more and Do less: to be rooted in stillness while being active in the world, in my specific way – with my limitless possibilities on one hand and my limitations on the other.

Besides, experiencing limitation in one situation doesn’t mean you will be limited like that in another. Chances are when you accept limitation and ‘breathe into it’, it will dissolve and transform into opportunity.

To accepting your limitation while reaching for the stars!
To a great 2015,

Miriam Aziz

Read about the Eckhart Tolle Retreat here.

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