Make Your Fear Dissappear

A thought, a picture, a memory or an emotion can seem so real and feel so fearful that you believe you will never be able to get rid of it – it will probably always haunt you and suck the happiness out of you, each time it pops up.

Unfortunately many people carry within them a belief like this. They fear something so intensely, they don’t even dare take a proper look. They have developed a fear for the fear. They have decided that to push it away as far as possible is best, safest and healthiest. They don’t realise that pushing it away – suppressing it – costs a truckload of energy every day and eventually can cause poor health and depression.

I have had the privilege to assist over fifty people in overcoming their fears. I can recall at least ten of them having an immense fear for something unreal. A thought, a picture, a memory or an emotion feels real, but is not.

Their fears were all very different, from being buried alive to getting lost in a big black hole. What they all had in common was that as soon as they allowed themselves to get ‘closer’ to that which terrified them, the thing, image or ghost changed shape, became different, and less fearful. It even got smaller to a point where it wasn’t impressive anymore – it lost all scariness, until it finally dissolved completely and was gone!

I accompanied them on their brave quests to bring light to the darkness. They often believed it would take at least many hours, weeks or even a lifetime to battle with -, and hopefully win from the darkness. They were all so very surprised, astonished and relieved to notice their scariest fear to dissolve this easily and quickly as it did.

Fear is a strong emotion. Once it gets hold of you it’s hard to overcome it. Yet if you have the courage and the willingness to have an open mind for the truth, you will find that the fear, and the fear for the fear, are unreal, and will crumble and melt, or shrink and dissolve in a couple of seconds to minutes! Not hours, weeks or a lifetime!

Eighty percent of what our minds produce in thoughts and feelings, is useless, unproductive, impeding, negative and slowing us down. Only twenty percent of our thoughts and emotions are genuinely productive, creative, helping, solving, positive and contributing to our own good and the good of others.

It’s an art to distinguish between helpful and unhelpful thoughts and feelings. It’s an art to stop buying into everything our minds produce. In my Life Coaching sessions we will work on differentiating between the helpful and the unhelpful, by identifying which emotion is caused by a thought, and then to decide whether to keep it, or to let it go.

You are your own director. You are in charge. You have freedom of choice. Use it. Use it for your own good and for the good of others. Set yourself free. It isn’t hard. If you need a little help just contact me.

To a critical, distinguishing mind; to happiness!

Miriam Aziz


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