How to Remain Deeply Rooted in Silence While Being Active in the World?

‘The purpose of life is to find balance between being and doing,’ Eckhart Tolle says. If this is true, how do we find that balance? Tolle suggests we fulfil this purpose by remaining deeply rooted in silence while being active in the world. Beautiful. How do we do that? How do you remain deeply rooted in silence while being active in the world?

Being active in the world is like moving along a horizontal line, a timeline on which events take place and life goes on – a line that connects moment to moment of our lives here on the planet; we act and play and work and think and feel and we get older – we Do. We can get completely lost along this horizontal line – in the Doing – meaning we can forget that there is something else besides daily life and its hustle and bustle and noise. We are so active we forget about the silence. We are Doing so much that we are Being too little. The balance is lost, our purpose unfulfilled.

In every given moment we can “cut through” this worldly-noisy line, and allow for a vertical movement, a heavenly, silent line: we can be consciously aware of our “antennas” that reach for the heavens and our “roots” that reach into the earth. The image of a tree can be used best to illustrate this idea.

When we do so, we create space for ourselves to experience the Now, the present moment – we can be present; we can Be. We can be deeply rooted in the silence of the Isness, the ‘nothingness’. We can be free from the world.

Try this now. Stop being active for a minute – quit the Doing. Visualise a vertical line or a tree connecting heaven and earth, above and below. Visualise and feel how you are deeply rooted in silence – allow for the Being.

Be conscious of these lines, the horizontal and the vertical lines – the line of Doing and the line of Being. When you feel you get a little lost in one of the two, you can correct yourself.

True balance or equilibrium can always only take a very short time. Everything is always changing because everything is alive and moving, growing and evolving. Perfect balance cannot last. Therefore it needs constant awareness, alertness and practice to bring both lines into balance again. You will have balance for a moment, thinking now you’ve got it, and then it’s off balance again, requiring you to pay attention again to either the world or the silence.

How to remain deeply rooted in silence while being active in the world? By thinking of a big, strong tree and realising how high its branches reach – how deep its roots reach. “Be” the tree; “Be” the silence that it is. And while you are that, you are being active in the world. You can walk a busy city street and have a laugh at a party, while having silence within from the rootedness of the vertical line: antennas into the heavens – roots into the earth.

To balance. To freedom. To a fulfilled purpose!

Miriam Aziz

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