3 Simple Steps to Still the Mind

In a busy life and career it pays off to still the mind for 15-30 minutes twice daily. It feels like instant vacation. Afterwards you can take on so much more without getting overwhelmed.

The mind produces both helpful and unhelpful thoughts and feelings. When we want to still the mind, what we actually want to do is using the helpful thoughts to direct and change the unhelpful ones.

Unhelpful thoughts will not just be still or helpful, the minute we tell them to be. They will protest, they will get very creative and cause impulses that are hard to resist. It’s an art to distinguish the helpful from the unhelpful thoughts at times.

Rather than trying to still the disturbing thoughts and impulses, we can use our helpful thoughts to direct our attention to places where we automatically find peace and quiet, such as nature, or the heart.

The minute you direct your attention away from the noisy unhelpful thoughts, you may experience inner peace. It will feel as if you have stilled the mind, while what you  actually really did was ignoring the part of it that doesn’t serve your quest for inner peace. You have focused on physical places where that part of the mind that you wanted to rid yourself of, doesn’t dominate – where it has no control.

Using your helpful thoughts to steer away from the unhelpful ones, is the best thing to do when these unhelpful ones get very loud and uncontrollable.

You can do this! Read on and follow the steps

1. Allow your awareness to notice all the thoughts and feelings you have. Watch, or hear, or feel, whatever it is that your mind produces. Let go of wanting to change, control or resist any of it. Let go of wanting to do anything with or about it. Simply observe.

2. Now allow yourself to take your attention away from all this, and picture yourself enveloped in Dazzling White Light, bringing your attention to your heart. Direct your focus further and further inside – withdraw from all the busyness, withdraw, withdraw; inwards, inwards; retreat, retreat … Bring your focus to the centre of your heart. Concentrate fully on that core.

Each time an unhelpful thought tries to distract you – direct your attention back to the centre of your heart. Pure concentration can only be given to one thing at a time. Choose. Choose each time to concentrate on your heart-centre.

You may be distracted for a while and catch yourself thinking about all kinds of things that have nothing to do with your sought-after inner peace. It’s okay. Just correct yourself and redirect your focus on your heart-centre.

In the centre of your heart you will find inner peace, and a lot more! Your full potential is residing there and waiting to be uncovered and used! But that’s a next step. For now it will suffice to learn how to rest there in the centre of your heart without letting your focus be distracted. It will help to:

3. Visualise that your heart is Shining like a Golden Sun. It radiates Rays of Golden Light. The centre of your heart is Golden. See it, feel it, imagine it. Be it. Be the Golden Rays.

By focusing on a place where the busy mind is not, and by creating awareness of something that always is, inner peace will naturally grow and fill you. You control this. You have the choice to practice this or not. If you want it, it is yours.

If you truly want to achieve and sustain inner peace it takes discipline and training. Best practice this twice daily, 15 to 30 minutes in the morning before you go about your day, and in the evening before you go to sleep. You will begin noticing benefits immediately. Your effort will be rewarded instantly.

Let me know how you go. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

To inner peace!

Miriam Aziz

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