Think with your Heart to Calm your Mind

shutterstock_122214256Did you know that thinking with your heart – giving more power to your heart than to your mind – makes you more resilient, allowing you to deal with life’s challenges from a place of inner calm? ‘Sounds great,’ I hear you think, ‘but how do you do that?’

It all begins with acknowledging that you are not your thoughts and feelings. ‘What?! I’m not?? If not that, what am I?” you might think.

You are the awareness that is the witness to your thoughts and feelings. Try this. Think of a feeling. Think for instance of a feeling of sadness. I’m sure you’ve felt sadness at some point in your life and perhaps you’re feeling sad right now. So, there’s the emotion of sadness. Now check: are you the sadness, or are you that which is aware of the sadness?

What is your answer?

If you would say: ‘I am sad’, would that mean that ‘sad’ is all that you are? Aren’t you a man or a woman, small or tall, young or old, dark or fair, too?

You can be those things all at once, can’t you? So sadness is just one part of the whole, isn’t it?

Okay, so you are having feelings and thoughts rather being those, do you agree?

If you are having thoughts and feelings instead of being those, it means that they are not attached to you. You can actually let go of any thought and feeling the minute you choose to.

Once you can do this, you can liberate yourself from being enslaved to your mind’s feelings and thoughts, and you can go straight to where your true control centre is: your heart.

Your heart hosts all the power, wisdom and love that you might ever need to fulfil your life. At this stage we’re not concerned with fulfilling life yet; we’re concerned with quieting the mind and finding tranquillity. A tranquil mind can perform better, allowing for better relationships, more success and greater health and well being.

Let go of stressful thoughts and feelings, focus on your heart centre, and imagine that you breathe through your heart. Breathe in through your heart for five seconds. Breathe out through your heart for five seconds. Continue breathing through your heart for five minutes. Notice how your body starts to feel calmer. Notice how your mind is quieter. Notice how you feel stronger, more at ease and peaceful.

You can do this any time. Do it. Do it often. Notice how your behaviour changes. You become more stable, more self-confident and more attractive among many other benefits.

If you have questions about this, or would like to have a chat, please free to contact me immediately. I’m here to help.

To the power of the heart,

Miriam Aziz

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