Fulfil Your Life from the Power, Wisdom and Love within Your Heart

In search of the clearest description for what my clients gain from life coaching with me, the name of my business for life coaching has to be changed one more time.

Life’s fulfilment
The new name is Fulfil Your Life, because ultimately that is what my clients do: they navigate towards their life’s fulfilment using my Compass Programs. They learn to cut through negative thoughts and feelings to tap into the unlimited wealth of power, wisdom and love within their hearts, to realise their heart’s desire.

Stay connected
To stay on top of the latest development in science of the heart and how we can use the heart to fulfil our lives, make sure you stay connected. Sign up for Fulfil Your Life’s newsletter, follow my Blog and “Like” Fulfil Your Life on Facebook.

On Facebook Fulfil Your Life has a new page. It is a community where I aim to inspire 20,000 people to fulfil their lives from the power, wisdom and love within their hearts, 1 heart at a time.

To be part of this community, go to http://www.facebook.com/fulfilurlife and “Like” the page. You will receive weekly updates on how to fulfil your life from the heart.

If you “Liked” the old page Transcending You: this page will be deleted over time. So if you want to stay connected via Facebook make sure to go to http://www.facebook.com/fulfilurlife and “Like” the page.

Weekly updates via the Facebook page, monthly updates via this Blog, and quarterly updates via the newsletter.

I look forward to meeting you in Fulfil Your Life’s community!

To life’s fulfilment!

Miriam Aziz

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