2015 Year of the Equilateral Triangle

the Master's compassWhat has the old year given?

In 2015, alongside happiness, friendship and true love, I experienced sickness and loss, despair and grief, tension, stress and fatigue. I would focus within my heart and listen to what it would tell me, rather than following the panicky feelings of the moment, resulting in deeper friendships, a happier marriage, new studies and work, dual citizenship, a published book and a growing sense of self-worth.

How was 2015 for you? Have you achieved what you wanted to achieve? Have you fulfilled your resolutions from the very beginning of the year? Did surprising things happen to you?

2015 is the year in which I published my first book, The Master’s Compass. The book is a guide to a fulfilled life, and wants to inspire readers to live from the trinity of power, wisdom and love that burns within each heart like a threefold flame.

Was it synchronicity that, while I was writing about how to use the heart as a compass in challenging and confusing times, I found myself in situations where I felt challenged and confused enough to be desperately needing to use my heart as a compass?

In The Master’s Compass I have abstracted the threefold flame, or the trinity of power, wisdom and love into an equilateral triangle, because this abstraction makes it easier to check whether or not the three qualities are balanced. Balancing the three is important if you want to increase your creative powers for the good of yourself, the people around you, and the world in general. When the triangle is balanced, universal inspiration can more easily find its way through you, helping you find those answers and solutions you are looking for.

What have I achieved in 2015?

Naturally I ask myself: in 2015 have I been loving, wise and powerful? And have I achieved to balance my heart’s three qualities, forming the perfect equilateral triangle, allowing it to serve as a compass?

Have I acted from my heart’s love?

I have been as loving as I could be; I’ve loved the people around me and myself even when at times this was hard. I have loved from the purity of my heart, when I went beyond emotions such as lust and fear. My heart’s love has touched others and myself, making things better. And yet I can still always love more, because at times I have also forgotten to love, and I have sometimes judged without compassion.

Have I acted from my heart’s wisdom?

I was as wise as I could be; I’ve made decisions from my heart’s wisdom rather than from my mind’s thinking and feeling even when at times this was hard. I have focused beyond my mind’s chatter and clutter to consciously centre my awareness in my heart. My decisions weren’t dictated by emotions but by that which is more lasting and more inspired – my heart’s intuition. And yet I can be a lot wiser still, because from time to time I have forgotten about my heart’s wisdom and I simply reacted instinctively in response to something that triggered me, instead of taking time out and choosing to be proactive.

Have I acted from my heart’s power?

I’ve acted as powerful as I could; I have fought for what in my heart I know is right even when at times this was hard. I have stood up for my values. I’ve had the courage to change myself and to surrender to What Is when it was needed. And yet I can always be more powerful still, because there were days where I felt so tired that I chose to let the world turn a spin without me.

Have I balanced power, love and wisdom?

I have made great effort to balance my heart’s power, wisdom and love, and to create the equilateral triangle. My intention has been to be lovingly powerful and wise, powerfully wise and loving and wisely loving and powerful. And yet I can do better still, because at times I haven’t paid that much attention to the balance – I just lived and did what seemed to be most needed. Sometimes I’ve been more powerful than loving and wise (e.g. when I had a row with my husband). Sometimes I’ve acted wiser than loving and powerful (e.g. when I respected a friend more than myself). Sometimes I was more loving than powerful and wise (e.g. when I spent money where I shouldn’t have).

Growing awareness

2015 for me has been the year of growing awareness around my love-power-wisdom trinity. It couldn’t have been different – writing a book about it. In this regard 2015 has been a great year. I feel grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had to practice acting equally powerful, wise and loving. This is an ongoing exercise, and I know 2016 will bring me many more chances to improve the art of mastering my heart as a compass.

How about you?

Looking back, what has the old year brought to you and your awareness? And looking forward, what do you expect 2016 to bring into your life? What do you want it to bring?

To happy endings and new beginnings – Happy New Year!

Miriam Aziz

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