I AM whole, perfect and complete

Full circleOne day before the launch of my book The Master’s Compass  last week in Berkelouw Books & Cafe Hornsby, someone told me: ‘Just being in your presence makes me wanting to be a better person‘.

This sentence touched my heart and my soul, and I realised: if by simply being me – by simply being – I can inspire another person to wanting to be better, my life is fulfilled.

It was perfect timing to be given this compliment right before the first official Australian presentation of my book, because the book wants to be a guide to life’s fulfilment. To feel within myself that I have achieved my life’s fulfilment just before I offer the world a book that intends to guide others to that state, is like a divine intervention.

Some years ago I decided to call my practice for life coaching Fulfil Your Life. Coaches often call their businesses what they themselves want to achieve, and I am no exception. I feel I have achieved that now.

Having this experience of my own life’s fulfilment simultaneously with presenting my book about how to fulfil your life, I feel I have come full circle. It’s a most satisfying feeling. After much doing, I can now sit and be, and have this positive effect on another person. I feel very happy. What a beginning of 2016!

I AM whole, perfect and complete.

To life’s fulfilment,

Miriam Aziz

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