Mind in Heart – From Smart to Wise in 3 Steps

logoWhen I grew up I was taught to always follow my heart. This felt like perfect advice. And I followed my heart, or so I thought. As I believed I was obeying what my heart told me, what I really gave my power to was my emotions.

Later in life I discovered that the heart is different to emotions. In the heart there is wisdom, love and creative power. This trinity is easily mistaken for emotions like – respectively – pride, lust and anger.

I also found that I wasn’t the only one confusing emotions with the wisdom, love and power from the heart.

The Sedona Method helped me to distinguish between who I am and what I have – I am boundless understanding, love and creativity; I have feelings such as sadness, fear and lust. What I believed to be my heart’s voice turned out to be that which actually covers and muffles my heart’s voice!

Step 1

The first step is to uncover your heart’s voice. Check whether you are your feelings or whether you are that which is witness to your feelings. Ask yourself: ‘How do I feel in this moment?’ Feel what you feel. Let it be here. Then ask: ‘Am I this feeling, or am I that which is the witness to this feeling?’ Discover there is more to you than emotions – discover that which is beyond: a sense of beingness unaffected by feelings and reactions.

Step 2

The second step is to BE IN your heart. Picture, and feel, that you place your mind in your heart: you move the centre of your thinking right in the middle of your heart-space. Can it reside there? Can it merge with the energy of your heart? Can your thoughts be absorbed by the presence of wisdom-love-creative power that your heart is? Can you allow your mind to surrender to your heart?

Step 3

The third and final step is to use your mind and your thinking to constantly assess whether an impulse is either an emotion, or a “spark” from your wisdom-love-creative strength-trinity. Use your “smartness” to navigate impulses, and distinguish between: smart and wise; lust and love; fear/anger and creativity. Consciously allow yourself to choose between a feeling, and that what is beyond a feeling: your heart’s voice.

Navigating life with your mind in your heart allows your decisions to be wise rather than smart. (This even rhymes.)

To life’s fulfilment; to following your heart,


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