You are not your thoughts and feelings

shutterstock_226647652Remember and realise that you are more than what you think and feel. There is liberation in perceiving a greater possibility of what you are.

Being human with a body and a mind – with visible cells, tangible flesh and a smart brain – it may be tempting to believe you are all that. And you are. But there’s more. The body-mind appears on and in the conscious awareness that you are. In and around the body-mind there is endless space and possibility. If you would magnify one of your body’s cells, you would find a lot of empty space. If you would feel and look around you and around other people and things, you would find a lot of empty space. It is in all that empty space that your awareness can move, and on/ in which your human experience is happening.

Your spiritual experience is happening there as well, although you may not call it that. The word spiritual sounds so airy fairy to some that they prefer to avoid it. To others it sounds so beautiful that they are trying very hard to Be it. But spirituality is really nothing special. It isn’t something to avoid – you are spiritual already whether you like it or not – you have spirit, don’t you? And it isn’t something to cultivate either – being spiritual already, by default, you don’t have to do anything special to Be it.

Finding something spiritual inside and/ or outside of yourself is therefore quite normal. It can be intimate and personal too. You can talk about it, and you don’t have to. The experience of finding God within for some of us may be scary. It may raise questions such as: ‘Am I even allowed to feel that I am God-like?’, or: ‘Is it blasphemous to feel that I have creative powers, like God?’ To discover that you are greater than you were made believe you are, can cause a shock at first.

We are connected with the Divine within our hearts. The heart is the centre where that piece of God resides that you are. Your God resemblance lives deeply within, under and beyond all reasoning, all feeling and all worldly perception. When you leave thought and feeling behind, or when you dive right through it until you reach that core of yours where God lives, you can ‘live’ there too – you can anchor yourself there and remember what you really are.

Move gently through the layers of thought and emotion, inward, until you reach that core in the centre of you, where your life flame is burning, unaffected by outer circumstance and inner judgment.

Move gently yet confident into that space where your light is shining brightly and is eternally connected to the Central Sun.

Accept that you can only perceive this light because of the darkness on and in which it appears – your joy can only be perceived as such in contrast to your suffering.

Know that all is well and that you can always live here: in, with and from your own life flame, as the child of the Light you are.

With love,


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