Your Heart Is Like a Golden Sun – a Guided Meditation

The central sun is the cause of life. It burns and shines. It warms, energises, and makes everything grow. Its rays touch everyone. We all need daylight. Whether we walk under clear skies and feel the sun’s warmth, or it’s a cloudy day – the sun shines, and allows for our existence.

Imagine that one ray of sunlight shines especially for you. This sunbeam is yours – you live because of it; it was designated to be yours from before the moment you were conceived. Feel it enter your body via your crown – via the top of your head, from far above. This shining light fills you up inside. You can feel it beaming through you, and reaching your heart.

You can sense both ends of the ray. You deeply know, and feel, its beginning, in the centre of the central sun. You deeply know, and feel, its end, in the centre of your heart.

As the sunbeam reaches the centre of your heart, the vertical movement of it is beginning to circle  – it collapses and rolls over like an ocean’s wave that reaches the shore. Soon the light of your sunbeam has completely filled up your heart-space and is now beginning to radiate all around.

Picture and feel your heart shining like a golden sun. The warmth of its light fills you until you feel that your whole body is glowing.

New rays of light are radiating from your heart. You are so filled with golden light that your warmth is overflowing. Your heart-beams are beginning to touch people and pets around you, warming them, allowing them to absorb your heart’s light in their hearts.

You can focus your heart-beams in specific direction, sending golden light to people and pets that you feel can use this extra warmth. Allow your heart to shine and radiate, and send its light-beams to everyone and everything you love. Fill up places, spaces, and time.

Continue doing so until you feel that it’s enough for now.

You can do this as often as you like.


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