Drawing for sanity in a mad, mad world

The ways of the world can be overwhelming. I have started drawing again as a form of meditation – I relax when I draw, and I forget everything about everything – a welcome switching-off from a busy life.

What do you do to switch off? How do you recover, charge, restore and repair your soul? If you haven’t found a way yet, I highly recommend drawing.

I call my ‘sanity program’ A Drawing A Day Keeps The Doctor Away. These are some of my drawings. I don’t pretend they are any good. It’s not about the quality of the drawings – it’s about the quality of the time spent when I am drawing.

I use soft pastel, watercolour pencils, and ink on A4 size paper. I don’t think of what I want to draw when I begin a drawing. I simply begin, allowing my hand to do what it wants. I allow for something to happen rather than controlling what happens. I spend half an hour to an hour on each drawing, the time I would spend on meditating.

As I draw, my thoughts come and go. I don’t have to do anything with or about them as long as I draw. By focusing on the material, and the shapes and colours, my attention automatically shifts from ambitious problem-solving to allowing-everything-to-be; a mind-space where all is good. It is a remedy for stress, burnout, anxiety, anger, confusion, grief, and depression. It is a constructive activity for peace, hope, acceptance, and healing.

Try it if this seems fun to you. If you have questions about how to make a drawing to begin with, or on how to get started in the first place – let me know! I’m here to support you. Let me know how you go.

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