Welcome Home to the Oneness that is God

‘You will find within, what you seek without,’ I used to say to clients. I didn’t mention before, though, that what you find within is connected to Something without, and would be nothing without that Something, because it IS that. In other words, what we are, deep within ourselves beyond our thoughts and feelings, is what we are, far around us on the outside beyond appearances and looks.

Within us – right in the centre of our hearts – burns the Three-fold Flame of Love, Power and Wisdom. It is the God-flame. This flame is the life-force we need to become and be a human being. The God-flame is the source of our connection with the divine. We find it within ourselves, where it is connected to That which is as much outside of ourselves as it is inside – God.

Like rays of light that stem from the sun, we are “rays of love, power and wisdom” that stem from God. The God-flame is the tip of that “ray”. Like the tip of a piece of fiber on a vintage fiber optic lamp, it shines like its source. Our hearts are connected to the source – to God – by an invisible conductor, like the tips of a fiber optic lamp that are connected to the one lamp.

Perceptions of “inside” and “outside” are merging in this God-awareness. God is Oneness. God is non-polar, non-dualistic: God IS. What you seek is to be found inside yourself as well as outside yourself. Once you have found a way to connect to that Oneness, you can comfortably reside in the wholeness that is God.

Like the separated threads on a fiber optic lamp, you may perceive everything as being separated. Once you can see that all the different threads are coming from the same centre, and are shining their individual lights from the one central lamp, you can see that separation is an unrealistic mind-made concept; an illusion.

Focusing on your own being’s core, and allowing yourself to consciously “move” deeply into your heart-space where your Three-fold Flame of Love, Power and Wisdom is kept burning and shining for as long as you live, will uncover your Oneness-awareness in which you know and understand us all to be connected to the one source, the one “lamp” – the one God, whether you call God Allah, Goddess, Universe, The Unnameable, Spirit, or otherwise.

Welcome to wholeness – welcome Home,


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