Invitation to Letting Go of 2016

Letting Go of the Old Year – Cleaning Up Everything you don’t wish to take into the New Year – Allowing Gratitude for What Was – Getting Ready for What Will Be – Surrendering to, and Relaxing Into What Is – Guided by Miriam van Keulen, International Life Coach and Independent Author specialised in The Sedona Method, Quick Coherence, and Guided Meditation.

On Saturday 17 December from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm I will guide a group meditation session focused on letting go of thoughts and feelings that have been stirred in the old year, that you don’t wish to take with you into the new. Read More


Don’t avoid the void if you want to be happy and free

shutterstock_168347648On your quest for happiness and freedom you may have looked for answers and solutions everywhere around you – in books, documentaries, workshops, lectures, online; in going out perhaps and drinking and/or using drugs and/or having sex, or in extensive travel. You may have tried everything you could think of to fill a certain void you’ve felt inside of you – to find happiness; to feel free. You may have succeeded at times, and you may have not. Read More

You are not your thoughts and feelings

shutterstock_226647652Remember and realise that you are more than what you think and feel. There is liberation in perceiving a greater possibility of what you are.

Being human with a body and a mind – with visible cells, tangible flesh and a smart brain – it may be tempting to believe you are all that. Read More

Aggression in Traffic – How to Act Calm

Today I met with Tom. Tom isn’t his real name but it’s easier to write about ‘Tom’ than about ‘a man’. Tom wants to respond in a more neutral manner to the things that happen in his life. He finds himself a bit too passionate especially while driving his car through busy traffic Read More

2015 Year of the Equilateral Triangle

the Master's compassWhat has the old year given?

In 2015, alongside happiness, friendship and true love, I experienced sickness and loss, despair and grief, tension, stress and fatigue. I would focus within my heart and listen to what it would tell me, rather than following the panicky feelings of the moment, Read More

4 Step Meditation to Self-Control

While in Europe the days are getting shorter and darker, here in Australia we receive more and more light from the sun until the solstice on the 21st of December. They are supposed to be happy days, the longer ones in the sun. They aren’t always that happy though. Personally I’ve been challenged in the past weeks, and as I spoke about this with some people close enough to me, I noticed that I was not alone in going through some tough stuff.  Read More

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