Stress-Relief and Healthy Sleep: Return to the Heart

To skip the story and to go to the solution at once, you can scroll to the last alinea: Quick Coherence.

Neglecting the heart

During my recent vacation in The Netherlands and Spain I hardly had time to breathe. Read More


Within Every Right Desire Is The Power Of Its Fulfilment

You have a desire. You wish for your desire to be fulfilled. But after its fulfilment, what happens? Do you think beyond the point of fulfilment? Do you think about what the fulfilment of a desire may mean to others? Read More

Are Practices Necessary to Realise the Self? by David Ellzey

My Sedona Method teacher David Ellzey has written an article in the Undivided Journal in answer to the question: Are practices necessary to realise the Self? The Sedona Method is my favourite technique to help men and women with letting go of negative thoughts and feelings. Read More

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