Guided Meditation

“I started to feel the benefits from the very first session, and with each new session I quickly progressed towards my goals.” – From: Success stories

I will often use meditation in coaching sessions. In an individual guided meditation I will lead you to a state in which you can unwind and recharge – from feeling stressed, angry, anxious or fearful, to being relaxed, positive, focused and empowered – experiencing being whole, complete and perfect in the very moment.

I tailor each guided meditation to the individual situation and need of the person I work with.

I integrate guided meditation with Life Coaching, The Sedona Method® and Quick Coherence®.

It is empowering to meditate in a group, be it a group of friends, colleagues, public servants, managers, leaders, students, housewives, mates – you name it. I teach meditation to groups when asked. I don’t offer a weekly meditation class in Canberra yet. Please contact me if you are interested in a weekly meditation class.

For more information please feel free to contact me now.


Sun Coaching | Life Coach in Canberra | Inspiring your Heart Centred Success
You are consciousness. Consciousness is like the light of the sun.


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