The Master’s Compass

“At every single moment on this journey, I felt comfortable and secure. I am truly impressed by Miriam’s integrity and authenticity, her kindness and clarity, and her focus, love and care.” – From: Success stories

For those who want to develop mastery over their lives I offer the Master’s Compass Program.  It is based on the Four Steps to Mastery-plan as presented in my self help book The Master’s Compass. It provides ongoing support tailored to your needs and wishes through weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bi monthly conversations, to continuously ‘cross the t’s and dot the i’s’ and make sure you become a master at leading your life from the heart.

The Master’s Compass Program includes:

  • A copy of The Master’s Compass
  • Ten in-depth Life Coaching sessions of ninety minutes each
  • Tailored exploration and exercises during and in between sessions
  • One year unlimited email support

You will develop:

  • Lasting inner peace
  • Living on purpose
  • Mastery over your life
  • Heart-centred leadership

You will continue to create:

  • Effortless, lasting joy, abundance and health
  • Loving and respectful relationships
  • A fulfilled life
  • An even better world

If the Master’s Compass Program sounds too much for you, consider the Adventurer’s Compass Program and the Traveller’s Compass Program.

For more information and to discuss the options please feel free to contact me today.


Sun Coaching | Life Coach in Canberra | Inspiring your Heart Centred Success
You are consciousness. Consciousness is like the light of the sun.



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