The Adventurer’s Compass

“After this first session I felt enlightened. I felt at ease, completely relaxed, and had an unusual clarity. I was dumbfounded. Mostly because of the simplicity of the exercise, and the immediate result. ‘This can’t be true!’, I said to Miriam. ‘It can’t be this simple’. Well, it was. And it still is.” – From: Success stories

The Adventurer’s Compass Program is designed for you to get an idea of what is possible in life, using your heart as a compass. We will identify your heart’s desire, and you will make a start with letting go of thoughts and emotions that are holding you back in realising what you want. We will use parts of the Four Steps to Mastery-plan as presented in my self help book The Master’s Compass. You will learn the basics of how to cut through limiting thoughts and feelings, to remain free to see your opportunities.

The Adventurer’s Compass Program includes:

  • A copy of The Master’s Compass
  • Four Life Coaching sessions of ninety minutes each (a total of six hours)
  • Tailored exploration and exercises during and in between sessions
  • Three months unlimited email support

You will develop:

  • The ability to let go of negative thoughts and feelings
  • Clarity regarding your issue(s), life and career
  • A sense of purpose and direction

You will create:

  • A quieter mind
  • More peaceful relationships
  • A more joyful life
  • An improved world

The Adventurer’s Compass Program can be continued with the Traveller’s Compass Program and the Master’s Compass Program.

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