The Traveller’s Compass

“She got me to look at my life situation in a whole new way, which has brought a tremendous amount of acceptance into my life. My journey is ongoing, but I have got a wonderful sense of peace and calm thanks to the support from Miriam.” – From: Success stories

The Traveller’s Compass Program is designed for you to quickly and effortlessly navigate your way to the life your heart desires.  It is based on the Four Steps to Mastery-plan as presented in my self help book The Master’s Compass. You will learn how to cut through negative thoughts and feelings, and how to stay on the path to your chosen destination.

The Traveller’s Compass Program includes:

  • A copy of The Master’s Compass
  • Seven Life Coaching sessions of ninety minutes each (a total of ten and a half hours)
  • Tailored exploration and exercises during and in between sessions
  • Six months unlimited email support

You will develop:

  • The ability to remain calm, centred, focused and creative in challenging situations
  • Clarity regarding your issue(s), life and career
  • A great sense of purpose and direction

You will create:

  • More success
  • Better health
  • Stronger relationships
  • A better world

The Traveller’s Compass Program can be continued with the Master’s Compass Program.

For more information please feel free to contact me today.


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You are consciousness. Consciousness is like the light of the sun.



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