Welcome Home to the Oneness that is God

‘You will find within, what you seek without,’ I used to say to clients. I didn’t mention before, though, that what you find within is connected to Something without, and would be nothing without that Something, because it IS that. In other words, what we are, deep within ourselves beyond our thoughts and feelings, is […]

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Are Practices Necessary to Realise the Self? by David Ellzey

My Sedona Method teacher David Ellzey has written an article in the Undivided Journal in answer to the question: Are practices necessary to realise the Self? The Sedona Method is my favourite technique to help men and women with letting go of negative thoughts and feelings.

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Alone Online – All One in Heart

Use the time it takes to read these words to remember silence. Look at all the white space around the letters you are reading. Remember all the empty space around the things surrounding you. Notice all the silence around the sounds you hear.

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