What you smell affects how you feel
Essential oils can assist in improving health and happiness. They may support your coaching journey by positively affecting your mood, self-esteem, emotional well-being, and much more.

World’s highest quality essential oils
After exploring the market for many years, we’ve found the brand that offers the purest, most effective, and most ethically harvested essential oils that we’ve used so far. We’re a fan, user and supporter of, and a strong believer in these life-changing products. That’s why we decided to get involved, and let you know about Young Living. Read more bout it here.

Enjoy essential oils yourself and feel amazing
To purchase Young Living products, please click here. Choose ‘Member’ to get up to 24% discount and start with a Premium Starter Kit; choose ‘Retail Customer’ to just purchase an individual item.

Join the community
Sun Coaching created a Wellness Community on Facebook. Come join Sun Elixir – Well Oiled Communityhere.

We donate to the Young Living Foundation
Because we benefit from, and strongly believe in these products we want everyone to enjoy them, including those people who wouldn’t normally be able to. Therefore we donate 5 percent of all earnings to the Young Living Foundation to support wellness and education opportunities to under served communities. Read more about it here.

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