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What you smell affects how you feel

Aromatherapy may support your coaching journey by positively affecting your mood, self-esteem, emotional well-being, and much more. A specific scent may help lift you up and be more active, or help slow you down and relax more; be more focused, or open up more – you can use an essential oil to help manifest your heart’s desire, and be more successful in life and work.

World’s highest quality essential oils

After exploring the market for thirty years, I’ve found the brand that offers the purest, most effective, and most ethically harvested essential oils that I’ve used so far. I’m a fan, user and supporter of Young Living Essential Oils. In June 2017, I decided to become a member. My Member ID is 12278368. I learn more about the aromatic, topical, and even culinary use of these fantastic oils every day. From time to time, I share my findings on Sun Elixir’s Facebook page.

Enjoy essential oils yourself and feel amazing

Please feel free to contact me for advice on which essential oil to use. If I have it in stock, I can send you a sample of the oil you’d like to try. Young Living Essential Oils produce single oils as well as blends.

To purchase essential oils yourself, please click here. Choose ‘Member’ to get up to 24% discount and start with a Premium Starter Kit; choose ‘Retail Customer’ to just purchase an individual item.

Becoming a member

If you choose to become a member, I will send you useful links to websites, Facebook pages, and Apps, where you can inform and educate yourself in the aromatic, topical and culinary use of essential oils.

A new career

Young Living Essential Oils give their members the opportunity to become active sellers of the oils, and make a successful career while working from home at preferred hours. I don’t do this – my career is in coaching and human resources; I only use the oils for my personal benefit and that of my loved ones. But for you it may be a chance to do what you love, from the place you love, and in the time that suits you. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to learn more about it.


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